NECA Toys Friday The 13th Part 3 Barn Diorama Backdrops – 12 Days Of Downloads



NECA Toys 12 days of downloads is almost over and the latest offering is the Friday The 13th Part 3 Barn Diorama Backdrops. The barn doors was recently used in their Friday The 13th Part 3 Ultimate Jason Voorhees box art. The backdrop is available from multiple angles to fit your display.

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friday-the-13th-barn-dio-1-11x17 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-1-8-5x11 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-2-11x17 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-2-8-5x11 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-3-11x17 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-3-8-5x11 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-4-11x17 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-4-8-5x11 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-5-11x17 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-5-8-5x11 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-6-11x17 friday-the-13th-barn-dio-6-8-5x11