Mattel 2″ Justice League Animated Action Figures New 3 Packs



Mattel revealed a look at more new 3 packs of their upcoming Justice League Animated action figures based on the new series on Cartoon Network, which airs on Saturday Mornings starting December 24th in 11-minute adventures. Previously, we showed you wave 1 with each figure being able to swap out parts.

The 3 packs include Lobo, Hawkman and Superman, Firestorm, Mr. Freeze and Batman, and Mogul, Wonder Woman and The Flash and will include pieces of Darkseid. The full 2″ line-up shown will be available in January 2017.

Also coming in this line are roll out masks, a Batman Transforming Batcycle (with Batman and an Atom Mighty Mini), and a Battle Wing Batman, with sound and a cape that turns into battle wings.

Source: CBR

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mattel-brings-2-inch-justice-league-animated-action-figures-to-the-market-in-2017 mattel-brings-2-inch-justice-league-animated-action-figures-to-the-market-in-2017-2