DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures Harley Quinn Figure Review



Harley Quinn shipped in the last week of 2016 and this is definite strong way to end the year for DC Collectibles. Not only has the character picked up a ton of new fan support since Suicide Squad, but also the figures sculpt is superior to that of Batman: The Animated Series Harvey Quinn figure. This new figure is scaled up version with great paint apps, an additional head sculpt, interchangeable hand sculpts, and more.

Harley Quinn is based on the episode “Joker’s Millions,” which had originally aired on February 20th, 1998. She is numbered as 27 of the line.

The Joker is revealed to be having money problems, but all of that soon changes when he inherits a massive fortune from his old rival King Barlowe. The Joker is made a free and wealthy man, however the Clown Prince soon realizes that his fortune is not what he thought it was, as King Barlowe has pulled one last joke from beyond the grave.

Availability: December 2016


Harley Quinn is based on her appearance as seen in The New Batman Adventures, which was a new title following Batman The Animated Series. The figure depicts the likeness as seen in the episode “Jokers Millions”, and she is sculpted in her red, black and white jester outfit with an off white facial deco. Her head sculpts are nicely done with a smile on both faces, and and the additional head sculpt has her eyes lit up that almost looks like they’re going to pop right out of her skull. The heads are ball jointed, so switching them will be no problem.

Comparing her to the previous Harley figure as shown above, she is scaled upward from the older figure, as far as height and uses a little more plastic to compensate for the additional height. The body tone is the same, but The New Batman Adventures version has a better appeal, as she also has some updated deco including the white piece around her neck, and facial deco.

Included with Harley are three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, an additional head sculpt, and an acrylic figure stand with base.


Harley Quinn features an excellent sculpt with great likeness to the animated series. Fans of the show will definitely want to add this characters to their collection.

Highly Recommended.


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