NECA Toys Aliens Series 10 – Gorilla Alien, Mantis Alien & Queen Facehugger Review



NECA Toys is finishing off the year strong with the release of their highly anticipated Aliens series 10, based on classic Kenner designs of the 1990’s. Aliens Series 10 includes Mantis Alien, the Gorilla Alien and the Queen Facehugger. and each figure includes a small Alien creature. Also included are reprints of classic Dark Horse mini-comics that were included with the Kenner figures.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Aliens Series 10 – Gorilla Alien, Mantis Alien and Queen Facehugger figures for review.

Availability: December 2016



The Gorilla Alien is the closest design to a more normal looking to the classic Xenomorph design. The figure stands at 8″ tall and has over 25 points of articulation. The figure features three head sculpt designs including a transparent dome, a black dome or no dome, which reveals a skeletal head and an Gorilla-like face. The Gorilla-like aspects also are shown in the forearm and hand designs. The underlying skull design is an excellent touch and the Gorilla-like face really sells it. The Gorilla Alien also comes packed with articulation including double jointed knees and elbows, with all the articulation shown on other Xenomorphs. The deco is another top selling point with the dark blue and black deco, which is a nice blend and also looks the part of a classic Alien design. Included with the Gorilla Alien is a smaller Alien Creature and a reprint of a classic Dark Horse mini-comic.



The Mantis Alien is just gorgeous and is one of the tallest Alien figures ever released. The figure stands at more than 10″ tall (when the legs are fully extended) and includes at least 30 points of articulation. The figure is a combined form of a Mantis from an alien planet, and a Xenomorph. The sculpt is the perfect balance of each and really stands out compared to NECA’s other Aliens figures. The head sculpt, Mantis abdomen, reverse joint leg designs, and the elongated claw arms make this figure something truly special and unique. The deco including the transparent green plastic, and the use of silver really work well together. The figure also includes a nice assortment of articulation that allow a variety of posing options. In some poses, you will need to have one or both claws touching the floor for balance. Included with the Mantis Alien is a smaller Alien Creature and a reprint of a classic Dark Horse mini-comic.



The Queen Facehugger is another uncommon looking figure to add to your Alien collection. The figure is a larger scale compared to other Facehuggers just hatching out of their eggs, and the deco is red and black. The figure is based on the deleted scene from Alien 3, and has a lot in common with the movie version over the classic Kenner design. The sculpting is just excellent on both of these figures, and you get great attention to detail including the webbing, tails and undersides of the Queen Facehuggers. Included are two of these (one slightly larger than the other) in a pack and the legs are articulation and he has a bendable tail. Also included is a reprint of a classic Dark Horse mini-comic.


NECA Toys have once again outdone themselves here and offered three unique looking alien creatures based on classic Dark Horse designs, bringing some great variety to the toy shelf. This wave includes sculpts that look fantastic, impressive paint apps and unique designs that fans will love. Every aspect about these figures are perfect, with no breakage issues or paint chipping. One thing is for sure, these are definitely the aliens you are looking for.

Highly Recommended.


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