Mattel: ThunderCats Classics Panthro Figure Review



Mattel’s ThunderCats Third Earth subscription ends this month and we are just saddened by the short life of this line. In addition, we are also without Pumyra and Mumm-Ra because of Digital River’s shipping delay. This certainly is both a sad a happy time to be a ThunderCats fan, as we get some of ThunderCats sculpted by the Four Horsemen, and hopefully more will follow by Super 7.  As we reported back at New York Comic-Con, Super 7 is hoping to one day continue this line as they do not have the license to make ThunderCats toys, as Mattel’s license does not expire until an unknown date. Hopefully more figures are coming, and it’s just a matter of time.

Even though this line is a short run, it’s worth having what was released especially Lion-O and Mumm-Ra, as they go great with your 80’s toy updates of He-Man among others. The rest of the characters including, Panthro are nice compliments to He-Man and Mumm-Ra, but would work much better with the rest of the season 1 cast. It’s a shame that this line may never continue, as Mattel is moving away from their collector-aimed lines and focusing on other things in 2017. Mostly kid oriented lines such as the 2″ Justice League figures.

As a character, Panthro is a personal favorite as he both fierce and smart, plus he drives the Thunder Tank, which will one day hopefully see a release from Super 7, should they obtain the rights to ThunderCats. At least for now, fans own some of the core ThunderCats, including Panthro, which is definitely a must.

Availability: December 2016



Panthro features a great sculpt and is the perfect likeness to his animated look, as well as a great update to the vintage toy. The Horsemen have nailed this one with the likeness, including the spikes, head sculpt including the eyes, ears, and mouth, and the overall sculpt is just excellent. Like the vintage toy, Panthro is shorter than Lion-O, which is definitely a nice feature and we’ve been told he can fit into the vintage Thunder Tank.

Included with Panthro nunchucks that are chain linked, a spinning nunchuck effect accessory, with the blue handle spinning and the red handle held in his hand, Thundrillium Detector (the Thundrometer, which got lost before the photoshoot could take place), and the Key of Thundera.


Panthro is an excellent figure that is extremely well done, painted and sculpted. Fans of the classic series will love this figure.

It also feels good to be done with Mattycollector (and Digital River), but the end of Mattel’s collector-aimed flagship store also came with a high-price with ThunderCats being ended prematurely, along with what Mattel would have planned for 2017 with other lines including Masters of the Universe Classics. Hopefully Super 7 will pick up all of this and really make a mark in the eyes of collectors. We hope so.

Highly Recommended.



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