DC Collectibles Icons Accessory Pack Review



DC Collectibles accessory pack offering for their Icons line features a nice assortment of pieces for already released figures including Batman, Green Lantern John Stewart, The Joker, and Green Arrow. What makes this pack special is that it includes pieces that you will need for better display of your Green Lantern figures. While the other pieces that are included are great, the personal favorite parts included are the Green Lantern constructs and CH’P, a Green Lantern mini-figure included.

DC Collectibles ill likely explore more accessory packs providing that this one does well, and as the line continues to grow additional accessories for those newer figures will be needed. One suggestion for the company would be to look at continuing multipacks for smaller figures like CH’P. A suggestion would be Dex-Starr, Green Lantern Bzzd, and a Yellow Lantern Despotellis 3 pack that is similar to what Mattel did years ago in DC Universe Classics. Another idea would be to offer trophy cases from the Batcave with costumes/accessories inside from villains and heroes.

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing their DC Icons Accessory Pack for review.

Availability: December 2016



The accessory pack includes 13 pieces and are meant to enhance display and playability. As mentioned above, it’s all about Green Lanterns for us and DC Collectibles provided a decent amount of pieces. The parts that were included John Stewart were too much a basic constructs for him. The blast and shield attachments are better choices for him. The shield connects to the blast attachment by removing the handle and snapping it into place. The blast attachment is not meant to be used without the shield, which is unfortunate. The shield has a Green Lantern logo on the front and can be held in his right arm. The constructs are made using translucent green plastic. CH’P is a non-artulcation PVC figure, but has a nice likeness to the comic. He is painted in a metallic green, black, and white uniform, with his tail and the top of his head painted in brown, and the lower portion of his head painted in an off white with a pink nose and mouth.


The Joker Fish come as an identical pair and are nicely sculpted. The set includes texture on the body to make it look and feel more like a fish, the the finn on the top, and the facial sculpt of the Joker himself with white deco, and red lips. Both can be held by either the Joker, or Harley, or both if you choose. The body of the fish is painted in green, with a light green and a hint of blue. For a small piece, it’s great to see them go the extra mile with additional deco.

dc-collectibles-icons-accessory-pack-23 dc-collectibles-icons-accessory-pack-27


Green Arrow gets four new trick arrows in this set, and each have a different head. Without being able to store them on his back, there is no way to properly display these without leaving it next to him. An arrow rack would fix this problem should DC Collectibles ever decide to make one in a future accessory pack.

The trophy case with the golden age Flash helmet is one of the better accessories being offered. While the helmet is non-removable the case cannot be opened, having this on your shelf. The case is made of clear plastic and hard plastic painted in a dark silver. The helmet is painted in a lighter silver with the wings painted in a metallic gold.

dc-collectibles-icons-accessory-pack-33 dc-collectibles-icons-accessory-pack-34


Batman gets two more batarangs that have different bat shapes and sizes. In addition, the zipline with suction cups are a new accessory for him. The suction cups work well on glass and the cord is already through the gun, so you don’t have to do anything there. Finding the perfect set up for this set might be touch, especially for a photoshoot with enough light in the middle of winter.



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