Mattel: ThunderCats Classics Pumyra Figure Review



Mattel’s November 2016 offerings have finally made it into our office only about 4 weeks after it was shipped. Pumyra, Mumm-Ra, Tuskador, and the Horde Wraith are now in hands and we can finally wrap up our reviews for Mattycollector products. Digital River sure did take their time in shipping these out, and we are personally thankful to be done with them.

Pumyra is a character that was introduced later in the original ThunderCats animated series, along with Lynx-O and Bengali. New villains were also introduced to the series called The Lunataks. All of which would be great candidates to Super 7’s run of the ThunderCats line should they obtain the license from Warner Brothers. As these will likely be made to order, The Lunatanks, while obscure, would be ideal for die-hard fans of the franchise and without needed a minimal production number, these figures would more likely see a release over Mattel’s take due to the obscurity of them and the fact that not everyone will want one.

Pumyra shipped along with the subscriber exclusive Mumm-Ra figure and by now most of you should have these figures in hand. If you don’t, we understand your frustration (see first paragraph). Pumyra is a great character that really made a mark back in the 1980’s series. However, having her instead of Cheetara, Tygra, Slithe, or other season 1 characters is most unfortunate. Hopefully Super 7 will come through in the end and do this line some justice.

Availability: November 2016 – Shipping Delayed to December 2016


Pumyra’s sculpt is based on the 1980’s ThunderCats animated series and she has a great likeness to the character. The Four Horsemen have come through as they always do and have created a great figure here. The head sculpt is oval as apposed to the more rounded facial design seen in drawings. The neck also feels a bit high but is definitely not that big an issue. Her outfit is nicely done with a brown skirt, ThunderCats symbol on her chest, red boots, and a gold bracelet on her left arm, and around her neck. She also stands slight taller than Lion-O, which brings the question it looks like the Horsemen got the scale wrong as she is too tall, and Lion-O is too short.

Her articulation is pretty standard for those of you familiar with the Four Horsemen’s style and the ThunderCats line. The hip articulation is limited due to the skirt, but otherwise everything moves the way it should. The paint apps on her are really well done

Included with Pumyra is a separate sling weapon that matches her removable belt, a spinning star weapon, a wand, and additional hand sculpts.




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