Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Early Un-Official Announcements For 2017



The internet broke the news on some upcoming Marvel Legends 6″ figures coming in 2017, including source from eBay, Facebook, and Twitter. It looks as though some of these figures will be making their debut in stores soon.

Among the reveals is a 12″ Deadpool figure with Headpool, which is a great accessory and we can never get enough Marvel Zombies. Other announcements include an Invisible Woman with H.E.R.B.I.E., Groot, Black Panther and more.

Revealed are the following figures (take a look at the eBay actions by clicking on the hyperlinks):

marvel-legends-12-inch-deadpool-1 marvel-legends-12-inch-deadpool-2 marvel-legends-12-inch-deadpool-3 marvel-legends-black-panther marvel-legends-gotg-vol2-figures1 marvel-legends-gotg-vol2-star-lord-1 marvel-legends-gotg-vol2-star-lord-2 marvel-legends-groot-evolution-1 marvel-legends-groot-evolution-2 marvel-legends-groot-evolution-3 marvel-legends-invisible-woman