Mattel: ThunderCats Classics Mumm-Ra Figure Review



Ancient Spirits of Evil — transform this decayed form… to Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living!

Mumm-Ra’s decayed form was the Third-Earth subscription exclusive figure and only available to those that had a subscription. With Mumm-Ra, we are wrapping up our reviews right now of Mattel’s short lived ThunderCats run as we already reviewed Panthro and Pumyra. This doesn’t make it any easier to see it end as this is the best ThunderCats figures ever made. Originally, this line was also supposed to include Jaga and Grune, but Mattel cut them out before the subscription went on sale, which would have been great additions to the line. They likely did that to save themselves money on tooling costs, as they apparently did not have plans to continue this line and Mattycollector as of earlier on in 2016.

Mumm-Ra being the subscription exclusive is in reference to the vintage Mumm-Ra figure of the 1980’s, which was also not part of the main line at retail. The Ever Living figure was part of the mainstream line at retail, so having the decayed version a subscription exclusive was a good call by the Mattycollector brand team.

This is our last wish that Super 7 can obtain the ThunderCats license from Warner Brothers to keep this line going, and we will make sure to update the front page once an official announcement is made. So make sure to check the site on a daily basis.


This isn’t the first time that ThunderCats was given the axe as even the classic cartoon series of the 1980’s was cancelled. Bandai did a short toy run in 2012 and one figure that they did get too in their ThunderCats Classics 6″ line was a Mumm-Ra Transformed figure, as shown above. If you don’t already have this figure, it is definitely worth picking up and the Mattel version of Mumm-Ra goes well together. and has listings of the Mumm-Ra Transformed figure, as well as the Decayed Form version with purchasing links below.

The only ThunderCats line to have given any real sense of completion was the Minimates line by Icon Heroes, and one set was released by Diamond Select Toys. There were 25 figures released with 5 different sets. They even got to a ThunderCats lair and Thundertank statues that were compatible with the figures.

Availability: November 2016 – Shipping Delayed to December 2016

mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-06 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-12


Mumm-Ra is based on the 1980’s ThunderCats animated series and is a fully newly tooled figure. Mumm-Ra captures a great likeness to the character and the figure is beyond expectations. Mumm-Ra is a new personal favorite and out of all the ThunderCats figures released by Mattel he has the best sculpt and detailed likeness. This is truly a unique and special release of Mumm-Ra, as the vintage figure and even the one done by Bandai (the 4″ figure anyway from the 2012 series) were disappointing. Of course, Mattel could have done it cheaper and not give him interchangeable cloaks and all the great detail he has, but that wouldn’t sit well with fans especially they had spent the past 8 years giving us nothing but great products.

Mumm-Ra’s body is wrapped in very nicely detailed bandages that are painted with a wash to make it look more realistic. As good as the bandages are, the facial sculpt really sells it. The facial sculpt is menacing, plotting, and pretty creepy. This is the more definitive version over the Mumm-Ra Transformed, as this one really is the scarier one of the two. While he is useless on the battle field over the Transformed appearance, you certainly would think twice before engaging an appearance like this in battle.

Included are two different cloaks that give him alternate posing options and enhance the likeness as seen in the series. The closed cloak fits perfectly, and you need to remove the head to place the cloak over the body. The articulation is limited with this cloak on, but that is ok as this appearance of Mumm-Ra is not meant to be articulated. The open cloak allows him to use more of his articulation and use the interchangeable hand sculpts. He can also hold his staff in either hand with two of the four hand sculpts. Also included with Mumm-Ra are his snake charm, and the requisite staff.



mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-01 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-02 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-05 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-03 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-04 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-06 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-07 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-08 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-09 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-10 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-11 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-12 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-13 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-14 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-15 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-16 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-17 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-18 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-19 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-20 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-21 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-22 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-23 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-24 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-25 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-26 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-27 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-28 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-29 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-30 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-31 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-32 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-33 mattel-thundercats-classics-mumm-ra-figure-34