Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of the Shadows Michelangelo Statue Official Details & Images

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of the Shadows Michelangelo Statue Official Details & Images



Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow Collectibles have released official details and images of their upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of the Shadows Michelangelo Statue. The statue makes the perfect companion to Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello Statues, all of which can be pre-ordered HERE.

Michelangelo is limited to 750 pieces and will be priced at $599.99.

“Halloween parade, bro! it’s the one night of the year we can fit in… “

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present PMTMNT-06: Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. He is crafted in 1/4 scale with attention to detail of each character. He wears an orange bandana and a pair of nunchaku is always within reach. He’s the jokester of the group who loves playing video games, skateboarding and, of course, eating pizza.

Statue features:
– Size approximately 17 inches tall [(H)43cm (W)31cm (D)33cm]
– Accurate details on the character
– High-Quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect
– Limited worldwide quantity

tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-002 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-006 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-011 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-015 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-026 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-021 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-020 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-022 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-025 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-023 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-024 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-008 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-017 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-012 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-013 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-014 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-016 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-018 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-019 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-009 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-001 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-010 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-003 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-004 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-007 tmnt-out-of-the-shadows-mikey-statue-005

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