Mattel: Masters Of The Universe Classics Tuskador Review


Back at New York Comic-Con 2013, Mattel offered fans one of three choices as part of a fans choice raffle for the next New Adventures figure at the time. The choices were Mara, Darius, and Tuskador. As you are aware, Mara won that raffle that was open to attendees at the Mattycollector panel, with Darius and Tuskador as the runners up.



It took Mattel 3 years, but finally all three are now part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line, and Tuskador was one of the final offerings by Mattel. Tuskador is a big figure and a great way to end the year especially for those that like New Adventures. While that faction is the smallest as far as sales according to Mattel, it’s great that the Mattycollector brand team fought to keep this going and now fans that voted for either Darius or Tuskador (we voted for Tuskador) are able to add these figures to their collections.

It has truly been a great run for not only mainstream characters, but also for the less popular characters from Princess of Power, New Adventures, 200X, Mini-Comics, and concept characters that have been released since 2010. While not everyone can agree with this statement, we are truly thankful to Scott Neitlich, Mark Morse, and other people that worked on the brand over the years that helped to bring out as many figures from a wide range of material. There is absolutely nothing as far as releases we would change, as every release including the Star Sisters, Karati, and others brought a unique design to the line and if you were able to complete a full collection, all the figures just look great together. Here’s hoping that Super 7 will continue the trend of making these otherwise uncommon characters to the line.

Availability: November 2016 – Shipping Delayed to December 2016



Tuskador is an oversized figure, like Ram Man, and also comes in the oversized packaging. At the price point, it definitely is reasonable given the size of his tusks and all the plastic being used to make this figure. Tuskador actually uses more plastic compared to Ram Man given how large the tusks are and takes up a lot more room on the shelf.

Tuskador features some newly tooled parts, as well as some shared parts with Ram Man. He comes with a newly tooled head, helmet, chest, tusks (obviously), and legs. It is otherwise hard to tell that any of these parts were used from Ram Man, as this is a very clever way to reuse these parts and they work so well on Tuskador.

The Four Horsemen have done an incredible job over the years bringing the futuristic elements of New Adventures characters to the Classics line, and Tuskador’s armor certainly has that futuristic vibe to him. The upper back, shoulders, and helmet give him a space vibe, while being an impressive update to the original toy.

He includes a removable helmet, with a very detailed and nicely sculpted head underneath. The head appears to be The Horsemen’s take on what Tuskador’s head would look like, as we can’t find any reference of him not wearing his helmet from The New Adventures animated series. On top of his head there is a blue headpiece that has some nicely sculpted details.

The tusks connect into the upper part of the armor in the back and front, and the short and large tusks are interchangeable, meaning you can place the short one’s in front, and the large ones in back or vise-versa. By placing the large tusks in the front, this prevents a foe from getting too close without risking serious harm, and he has the ability to trap an opponent. The shorter tusks are more along the lines of the cartoon, but are definitely not as fun to pose him with. The tusks are made very well and cannot break easily and are easy to pop in and out. They can also rotate while plugged in for additional posing options.

Also included with Tuskador is a blaster that can be stored on his right hip.



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