Mattel: Masters Of The Universe Classics Horde Wraith Review



The Horde Wraith is the final single packaged army building character offered by Mattel (with the exception of the Roton and Skelcon, which will be reviewed next) in their Masters of the Universe Classics line. The Horde army is now complete with the release of the Horde Wraith, and this is one great way to end the faction should Super 7 decide to not reissue the Horde Troopers and repaint them in red and black (for example). We can live with the fact that the Horde Wraith being the final Horde member to see release if that were to be the case, as Mattel has had all the necessary releases over the years and we are thankful for each and everyone of those releases.

Availability: November 2016 – Shipping Delayed to December 2016



The Horde Wraith was shown in the background in King Grayskull’s Castle in the 200X animated series and never made it to the 200X toy line for whatever reason. The figure is inspired from his appearance as seen in the series, and makes an excellent army builder to wrap-up the Horde faction should  Super 7 decide not to release more Horde members.

The figure stands on an acrylic flight stand, just like Shadow Weaver, that plugs under the figure. The figure balances very well on the flight stand. His weapon of choice is a crossbow inspired staff with the handle made of very soft plastic, and bends like rubber. The figure himself also also made of soft plastic with the exception of the torso, as this is made of hard plastic. The figure features long ripped sleeves and a long ripped skirt piece. The staff fits best in his right hand sculpt that has a unique grasp for it through his finger tips.

The figure also features very nicely sculpted shoulder pads and tattered robes with sculpted texture and details on the shoulder pads, and a hooded head sculpt with his face covered in a black cloth. The hood also looks like it has two pieces, as there is a seem in the front hanging below his forehead.

The paint apps are nicely done (as always) with a grey robe, black and red deco. His articulation is more limited to other Classics figures because he has no legs. This includes a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinge shoulders, swivel-hinge elbows, swivel biceps, swivel waist and wrists, and a hinged mid-torso.




mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-01 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-02 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-03 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-04 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-05 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-06 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-07 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-08 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-09 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-10 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-11 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-12 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-13 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-14 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-15 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-16 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-17 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-18 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-19 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-20 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-21 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-22 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-23 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-24 mattel-masters-of-the-universe-classics-horde-wraith-25