McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Resin Statue Available February 8th



McFarlane Toys have updated the release date of their highly anticipated The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Resin Statue. The statue will be available to purchase starting February 8th. The Daryl Dixon Statue stands at 10″ tall and has a MSRP of $329.00.

The statue was previously announced just before ToyFair of last year and shown to press and industry professionals at the trade show following the reveal at the show. Now, they have finally confirmed an official release date, and you can bet that this will sell just as well as other statues have, including the sold out Negan Statue.

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Survivalist Daryl Dixon, a skilled hunter, fighter, tracker, observer, and mechanic, have made him one of the most valuable individuals to the group, and have saved him and his companions on many occasions. This statue embodies the intensity of Daryl Dixon as an individual using everything to his disposal, even his motorcycle, to fight and survive. Not only has his savvy for staying alive meant a chance to fight another day, but also made him an instant fan favorite amongst AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead. With acute attention to every detail from head to tail pipe, the Daryl Dixon statue was created, developed, and designed by Todd McFarlane, and his award-¬winning McFarlane Toys design group, in conjunction with AMC. A welcomed addition to McFarlane Toys line of limited addition resin statue, Daryl Dixon comes as the first statue featuring AMC’s The Walking Dead.

  • Limited edition
  • Individually and sequentially numbered
  • Statue stands over 10 inches tall and over 14 inches wide
  • Cold-cast resin statue
  • Features magnetic pieces for easy assembly
  • Certificate of authenticity hand signed by Todd McFarlane
  • Features Daryl Dixon on his new motorcycle
  • Contains seven walkers on resin base
  • Alternate head wearing sunglasses

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