First-Look: JAKKS Pacific Big Figs Tribute Series DC Originals 19″ Superman Review


JAKKS Pacific limited edition DC Originals Tribute Series includes a 6 figure line-up that continues with the third release of Superman, available on starting in March 2017. Harley Quinn was the first figure being offered in January, and The Flash (Barry Allen) in metallic ruby deco was available in February. Each figure in the series are limited edition with only a couple thousand pieces made, comes in exclusive packaging, and are each priced at $59.99.

JAKKS Pacific stated in the periscope video of the reveal of Superman that they are interested in going beyond the first 6 figures planned for this line, but to do that they need the first three to perform well. So make sure you are supporting this line by purchasing the first three figures on Amazon right HERE. In the video, they also announced that Batman will be next, but did not reveal any details on the figure at this time. Stay tuned as we update on that as it happens.

Thank you to JAKKS Pacific for providing their Exclusive Big Figs Tribute Series DC Originals 19″ Superman figure for review.

Availability: March 2017 – Amazon Exclusive


The packaging for the DC Originals Tribute Series Superman is numbered as Vol. 3, as he is the third figure released in the series, and Harley Quinn was Vol. 1  and Flash was Vol. 2. The numbering is located on the lower left hand side as well as the sides. The packaging features Superman comic book artwork on the cover as if he is flying right out of the box itself, with individual comic book art behind him that also matches the inside of the packaging located behind the figure. Both of the sides and the back have Superman drawn on it, with a light blue and white background for the sides and background for the back.

The inside flap is where JAKKS Pacific really got creative, with the introduction of comic covers by DC Comics of Superman, and other DC super heroes and villains such as members of the Justice League including Wonder Woman, Batman, , Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Doomsday and others. Behind the 19″ Superman figure, there are black and grey versions of the same comic covers printed in color. Superman is securely tied to the package with twist ties on his feet and around his elbows. To remove him, you have to open the package, slide the inside back out out, and cut the ties.


Superman stands at 19″ tall and is a repaint of the standard edition with real fabric/soft goods clothing and cape. The new fabric gives him a high-end look and feel and covers his entire body except for his hands and head. The red and yellow “S” symbol on his chest is stitched over the fabric and is also stitched on. The same symbol is on the back of his cape that is yellow and black, and also stitched over the cape. The figure itself is based his appearance as seen in DC Comics, with the blue and red fabric costume. The standard edition release was made using all plastic, so this is definitely an upgrade to it. The figure comes with a great sculpt that is nicely detailed, and the new fabric really makes the figure stand out even more.

His head sculpt is extremely well done with the blue eyes, and black hair. Superman includes 7 points of articulation, including a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms, and swivel thighs. His hands are sculpted in a closed fisted position as if he’s ready to defend himself.

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