Sideshow Collectibles Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure Pre-Order

Sideshow Collectibles Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure Pre-Order



Sideshow Collectibles are accepting pre-orders of their upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure.

The statue features the likeness of Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot and will be cast in polystone with a metal sword. Wonder Woman stands atop a themed base in a battle-ready pose. It is priced at $499.99. It is scheduled to ship between November 2017 – January 2018.

“I’ve killed things from other worlds before…”

The champion of Themyscira, daughter of Zeus, Amazon, warrior, and princess!
A demigod with mighty weapons, fantastic powers, and unimaginable strength – she is Wonder Woman!

We are proud to announce a new depiction of Wonder Woman as portrayed by Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Expertly crafted by our in-house team and rendered with supreme movie-accuracy, she is a proud addition to our lineup of DC Comics Premium Format™ Figures. Standing 20” tall, this awe-inspiring new figure depicts everyone’s favorite Amazonian Princess in a suitably dynamic pose; stepping into action, sword drawn, and prepared to face any foe!

Our Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure has an all-new portrait of actress Gal Gadot with intricately sculpted hair and tiara.
Every inch of her armor has been re-created for the ultimate in movie accuracy.
She is dressed in a ribbed leather corset in red and gold which features stylized versions of her signature golden eagle and double “W” insignia. Her layered armored skirt gives a nod to her Greek warrior lineage while also giving her the freedom of motion to fight. A leather harness is slung over her shoulder and fastened to her waist, carrying her fabled gold braided Lasso of Truth.
Steel and leather bracelets protect her arms, and layered red and gold armor cover her lower legs – complete with her much talked about heeled sandals!
Wonder Woman’s broadsword has also been recreated with great attention to detail, from the mystic runes inscribed on the blade to the little intricate details of the handle, guard, and pommel.

An eye-catching focal point for any collection and – when paired alongside our Batman orArmored Batman Premium Format™ Figures – it makes for an outstanding tribute to a new era in the Warner Brothers DC Comics Cinematic Universe.

The Sideshow Exclusive variant version of this Premium Format™ Figure has a replaceable left hand holding an incredibly detailed and weathered circular shield.

Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-001 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-002 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-003 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-004 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-005 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-006 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-007 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-008 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-009 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-010 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-011 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-012 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-013 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-014 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-015 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-016 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-017 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-018 Sideshow-Wonder-Woman-Statue-019

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