NECA Toys Predator 2 – City Hunter Predator 7″ Figure Review

NECA Toys Predator 2 – City Hunter Predator 7″ Figure Review


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NECA Toys Predator 2 – City Hunter Predator 7" Figure


NECA Toys is now offering their highly anticipated Predator 2 – City Hunter Predator figure. The figure is based on the classic 1990 Predator 2 film that introduced a Predator visiting the city of Los Angeles attacking both pedestrians, police, and gangs on the streets. The figure features additional articulation in the biceps (bicep swivel), elbows (double elbow joints) and torso, an also includes an opening gauntlet revealing the countdown to the self destruct. The figure comes with all the articulation of modern Predator figures and a nice array of accessories.

Availability: January 2017


The City Hunter Predator comes packaged in a window box, with an image of the Predator holding a skull and spine on a rooftop in the City of Los Angeles. The back of the box has images of the figure along with a bio. The box is meant to be saved and for the figure to be put back inside along with all of his accessories in the included plastic tray.

The figure comes with some excellent detail and a great film likeness. The qualify of the sculpt is very nicely done including the texture to the skin as well as the armor. The textures on the sculpt varies from the skin to the armor, but is very nicely detailed. The skin texture consists of the netting sculpted over it, along with the great paint apps with brown beige, brown and orange deco used for the skin colors. The articulation of the figure is what you would expect of recent Predator figures, including some new updates than the previous release.

The smart disc comes with a storage holster on his right hip, and the extended staff or the short staff can be placed on a clip on his back. The plasma caster is already on his shoulder and can be removed or moved along the track. The right gauntlet features the iconic double wrist blades, which can be extended out or pushed back in. The left gauntlet opens up to reveal the self destruct device, along with a removable piece that comes separated in the plastic tray.

The City Hunter Predator also includes five interchangeable hand sculpts, a blast effect for the shoulder cannon, a skull and spine, two pieces of body armor (at least one piece attaches to the left gauntlet), a smart disc, two staffs, and two head sculpts.


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