Bandai Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod Review

Bandai Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod Review


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Bandai Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod Review


Bandai Japan released their Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Sayian Space Pod that is based on Vegata’s space journey to Earth to conquer it along with Napa and Raditz as seen on the animated series. The Dragon Ball Z Model Kit line has been outstanding, with the initial launch with Frieza (final form), SS Goku, Majin Buu and Cell, they are expanding the line to vehicles such as Frieza’s Hover Pod and Vegeta’s Space Pod. The model kits are scaled to 1:12 and supplement the figure line very nicely.

The set comes unassembled in the box and each piece is carefully attached and stored to a tray that are identified as A 1, A 2, B 1, B 2 C, D, E, F, G, H 1, H 2, I 1, I 2, G 1 and G 2 as shown in the instructions with the letter on the tray itself. There is an additional label sheet with unapplied labels for the computer console, along around the edges of the interior of the pod.

This set requires the Mr. Super Tool Set or something similar for assembly. You need the tweezers to carefully remove each piece from the tray and cut away the excess.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing the Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod for review.

Availability: December 2016


The Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod by Bandai Japan is based on the likeness of the animated series of the 1990’s. This flight pod is what the saiyan race uses to travel to other planets they plan on conquering, and Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz were sent by Frieza to conquer Earth, but ultimately failed at the hands of Goku and his group. The Flight Pod consists of a smooth outer sculpt ( and stands on the included stand at the bottom of the pod. The pod even has some interior designs such as a chair for Vegeta to sit on, and a computer console that faces him. The console even includes a label that is put over the plastic piece, but the pink translucent plastic really stands out nicely.


Vegeta is a non-articulated figure only meant to sit in the pod. The figure can’t stand up on his own, and and is only meant to sit in the pod. The likeness from the animated series is very nicely done and he even includes a scouter that is removable. As the figure is not articulated, posing him in a fighting stance as seen in the series will not be possible on this release.

The pink transparent plastic is also featured on the outer part of the space pod and you can look inside and see Vegeta along with the interior furniture. Opening the cockpit is fairly simply as you lift down from the top,


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