DC Collectibles Batman Animated: Batman Beyond 3 Pack Review


DC Collectibles are expanding their Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures action figure lines with some new offerings including this Batman Beyond 3 pack. This futuristic Batman is based on the Batman Beyond animated series that aired from 1999-2001 and took place in the year 2039 when a new generation of heroes are born. Terry McGinnis, becomes the new Batman and faces foes both familiar and unfamiliar to fans. This 3 pack includes old man Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis Batman, and Ace the dog as seen in the series. This series was also featured in episodes of Justice League Unlimited twice in 2005, which introduced fans to a wider range of heroes including an older Static Shock, and Warhawk. All of these characters were introduced in Mattel’s offerings, and hopefully DC Collectibles will eventually get to these great characters as well and possibly others that Mattel did not get to do from the futuristic setting of Batman Beyond.

This isn’t the first time that fans have treated to the older Bruce Wayne and Batman Beyond figures, as Mattel recently offered these in the now gone forever Mattycollector online store in their Justice League Unlimited 3 pack offerings. Despite these being great products with a great likeness to the show, they lacked articulation, which DC Collectibles more than makes up for with their artistic take on the Bruce Timm style.

Availability: February 2017


The Batman Beyond 3 pack including the futuristic versions of old man Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis, and Ace the dog. The figures are sculpted in the same style as DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures lines, which this is also meant to expand that line, which is great as they haven’t even released that Superman and Lois Lane 2 pack yet.

Bruce Wayne is sculpted to resemble his older self, as seen in the series. He is sculpted with a big broad chest and shoulders, broad arms and legs, and even includes his cane. He is sculpted in a black suit, black pants and shoes, and a grey shirt. The black suit over the grey shirt is made using a soft plastic, which almost feels like rubber. His head sculpt is excellent as it captures the likeness with the older facial details, grey hair, and the facial expression is dead on. Bruce Wayne includes three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, a figure base and stand.

Batman Beyond is the top selling point of the 3 pack, and is sculpted with a leaner sculpt in his black and red suit. They’ve been able to capture the likeness extremely well right now to the utility belt, which like the logo on his chest, is beveled out from the suit. The head sculpt is nicely done with the pointy ears, white eyes and mouth and pays a great likeness to the show. The wings however are a bit strange how they’ve been sculpted. In the packaging, the sides of the wings are folded down for whatever reason. To get them to to stick out to the sides, you need to lift them up, then around. It’s strange that they are articulated like this when they don’t actually need to be, meaning that in this case the swivel-hinge articulation on the wings are not show accurate and don’t add any display features to it. Ideally, the wings should be sculpted as one piece that plugs into he back as previous figures such as the vintage line, and Mattel’s Total Heroes Batman Beyond figure had. The sculpting on the wings are nicely done however, and match the design as seen on the show. Batman Beyond also includes a batarang, four sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, a figure base and stand.

Ace the dog makes his action figure debut and came out with a great sculpt. Ace is a black Dane mix that became Bruce’s companion in Wayne Manor after he was rescued from the streets by Bruce. Ace features a smooth sculpt, with a collar painted in brown and grey dots. The articulation includes four swivel legs, a ball jointed head, and a swivel tail. The likeness on him is also very nicely done including the facial details of the eyes, mouth, nose and ears.


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