NYTF 2017 – Playmobil Ghostbusters Action Figures & Playsets Coverage

NYTF 2017 – Playmobil Ghostbusters Action Figures & Playsets Coverage


Playmobil is the place to be this year at New York ToyFair with the announcement at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair of Ghostbusters action figures, the Firehouse, Ecto-1 and other sets available starting May 17th. There is a rumor on the show floor that the figures are 6″ and we are proud to be able to debunk it as we just visited the booth, and the figures are actually the standard 2-3″ scale figures. They will be compatible with the sets.

The other sets we are showcasing is the Dreamworks Dragons sets. The large playset comes with everything we see with what is shown with the blue labels.

Look for pre-orders to open soon on Amazon.com.


playmobil ghostbusters ecto-1

Ecto-1 – features working lights and movie-authentic sound effects (powered by a trio of AAA batteries), a removable roof allowing figures to be placed inside, and silicon slime splatters that can be stuck all over the vehicle. The $45 Ecto-1 playset also includes Playmobil versions of Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz (wearing her own Ghostbusters uniform!), who are equipped with tiny proton packs, traps, and PKE meters.

playmobil ghostbusters Firehouse playmobil ghostbusters Firehouse 2


Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters – This will be the largest set in the line and stands at 18″ tall and comes with a price of $70. The set comes with Playmobil versions of Raymond Stantz, Louis Tully, Egon Spengler, and an office version of Janine Melnitz, in addition to assorted spirits that can be locked away in the Ghost Containment Unit you do not want to shut down. It’s even got a miniature fire pole that the Playmobil figures can use to quickly slide down to the garage.

playmobil ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man playmobil ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 2


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – Stay Puft stands at almost 8″ tall and the set includes Ray Stanz, who comes with a proton pack and a pair of Ecto-Goggles. The set is priced at $20.

playmobil ghostbusters Slimer with Hot Dog Stand 2 playmobil ghostbusters Slimer with Hot Dog Stand


Slimer with Hot Dog Stand – This is the only set that comes with Slimer, which also includes a very cool looking a New York Hot Dog Vendor. The set also comes with tiny snack accessories like hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, and drinks. The set is priced at $18.

playmobil ghostbusters Venkman and Terror Dogs 2 playmobil ghostbusters Venkman and Terror Dogs


Venkman and Terror Dogs – This line does not include a rooftop playset, but does come with a set of Terror Dogs and Dana (possessed by Zuul) in this box set. This set also includes Peter Venkman, who includes a proton pack and trap. The set is priced at $13.

playmobil ghostbusters Spengler and Ghost playmobil ghostbusters Spengler and Ghost 2


Spengler and Ghost – The final set being offered will be Egon Spengler and a ghost, which also comes with a proton pack and stream, open trap with a ghost being sucked in. Both ghosts have a glow-in-the-dark feature and the set is priced at $8.

This line will be available starting May 17th, and you will need to purchase each set listed to collect the whole team, Firehouse, Ecto-1, and additional characters.

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