DC Collectibles: DC Icons Darkseid & Grail Deluxe 2 Pack Review


The first oversized DC Icons of Darkseid & Grail in a deluxe 2 Pack is available now by DC Collectibles. For those of you that have been lucky enough to find this at your local comic shop or online retailer, will know that DC Collectibles put a lot of love in this set. Darkseid towers of other 5.75″6″ DC Icons figures and stands at 12″ tall. The set is based at the end of the New 52 era and the Darkseid War story arc in Justice League and related comic titles and crossovers. Included with Darkseid is his daughter Grail, who is half Amazonian. It is recommended that you read the books to find out all about Grail and what goes on in the Darkseid War, as it is a long story and we don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Thank you to Diamond Comic Distributions for sending along the DC Collectibles DC Icons Darkseid & Grail Deluxe 2 Pack for review. Find a comic shop near you at comicshoplocator.com.

Availability: December 2016


Darkseid is massive and the largest DC Icons figure released to date. From head to toe, Darkseid is a big and bulky figure with great likeness to the comics. His body armor is sculpted over the blue uniform with a metallic blade deco that really stands out nicely. The shoulder pads are attached to his shoulders and have several hinge joints to articulate them. The grey skin features cracks and a wash that looks great and his head sculpt includes a helmet around the back of his head, and the lower portion of his cheeks and chin. The body tech is well executed into the suit and is painted in a blue, metallic blue armor, gold and red. There is also some black wash over the uniform and the armor has some sculpted cracks on it. Darkseid includes an extra set of interchangeable hand sculpts that are open handed, and closed fisted.

His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, hinged shoulder pads, ball-hinged shoulders, double-hingeed arms and legs, ball hinged wrists, ball jointed chest and ab crunch, ball jointed hips, swivel-rocker ankles.

Grail features a fantastic figure sculpt and the character likeness is exceptional. Her head sculpt is nicely done with the long hair on the left side and the short shaved hair on the right. That’s not an easy detail to sculpt and DC Collectibles sculptors did a great job on that. Her facial details include red eyes (like her fathers) and an ear with two piercings. Her battle armor is nicely detailed and sculpted with the same colors as Darkseids, with an added black belt and black straps to her boots and grey. Much of the articulation is the same as well, except that the top portion of her chest is a swivel joint rather a ball joint. Included with Grail are three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, a cloak and an axe.


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