Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6″ Han Solo, Princess Leia & R2-D2 Figures Review

Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6″ Han Solo, Princess Leia & R2-D2 Figures Review


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Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6" Han Solo, Princess Leia & R2-D2 Figures


Hasbro’s 40th Anniversary line will consist of both single carded figures with vintage Kenner style packaging, along with a box set of figures. At New York ToyFair, Hasbro made their official announcement of these figures with the release of the original 12 figures in the Kenner line. During the Hasbro presentation, they offered a limited number of figures to attendees at the panel on HasbroToyShop.com, and you needed an exclusive url to purchase these figures. We grabbed the three figures we wanted and didn’t own (packaging didn’t matter as these were going to be opened) and we are reviewing Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa and R2-D2 figures that are available in this exclusive Kenner packaging and updated figures. Luke and Ben are simply repackaged figures of what we already own. If only every Hasbro Star Wars figure was this easy to obtain, we would be able to bring you more Star Wars reviews. Right now, we are trying very hard to track down a Darth Raven figure for MSRP, but that isn’t going according to plan and we might have to purchase a case assortment. Grand Admrial Thrawn from the Rebels line is another figure we are trying to obtain, but once again case assortments on these are the only way to go due to poor distribution in stores and online retailers can’t get these in, and when they do, they sell out way too fast.

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Availability: February 2016

Han Solo, Princess Leia and R2-D2 features improved deco and sculpting than the previously offered 6″ The Black Series figures. Hasbro has listened to fans and have taken this opportunity to make some much needed improvements on these figures. Han Solo and Princess Leia includes an improved head sculpt with a much better likeness to the characters with great attention to detail in the sculpt, and Princess Leia’s deco on her face includes detailed makeup making her look even better. The neck joint on both of these figures however includes a hinge joint going all the way down, which is something that should have been outlawed in sculpting since the early days of Toybiz’s run on Marvel Legends. This joint does allow their heads to look all the way down, and up if they choose too. But it is clearly an eye sore compared to just a ball jointed neck without this hinge joint.

Han Solo is sculpted in his classic Episode IV shirt with black vest, white belt with a holster in the back of the larger blaster, a brown belt with a holster in the front for the smaller blaster, dark blue pants, and black boots. On the pants there are red rectangles going all the way down inside the boots, which are also sculpted over the pants. There is a silver belt buckle in the front of the brown belt, which also has a second buckle in the back with silver circles on either side as part of the style. The vest has sculpted patches on the front back back, and the shirt and pants have sculpted riffles making it look realistic. Han Solo includes a set of gloved interchangeable hand sculpts.

Princess Leia is sculpted in with a soft goods robe over her plastic body. The robe covers most of the body with the exception of the head, hands, and feet.  The hood can cover her entire head, but it is only meant to cover the top portion as seen in the film. The belt holds the soft goods in place, and has silver buckles on the front and sides. Princess Leia’s boots are painted in white with a black bottom. Included is a small and large blaster as seen in the film.

R2-D2 became very popular in the 6″ line and this is our first chance at getting him as we passed on his way back from series 1. The figure features superior blue, silver, and copper metallic deco on a white astromech body. The figure features opening panels in front with arms, a third leg hidden at the base (this is lowered by twisting the head), interchangeable side pieces, and three removable panels at the top of the dome that you can plug in the included attachments such as the antenna. The bottom of the feet are on wheels, and the sides of the feet are painted with some dirt that appears to be sand. This is a much better R2-D2 figure than the first release, and if you’ve been waiting, this is the droid you have been looking for. Also included is an unlit lightsaber.


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