LEGO Batman Movie Brick Headz Batman & Robin Review

LEGO Batman Movie Brick Headz Batman & Robin Review


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LEGO Batman Movie Brick Headz Batman & Robin Review


LEGO will be offering four Brick Headz sets starting March 1st on LEGO Shop. The line-up includes 41585 Batman, 41587 Robin, 41586 Batgirl and 41588 The Joker, all available as a new stylized LEGO collectible. These figures stand 2″ tall without the display baseplate and Batman features glow-in-the-dark eyes.

Thank you To LEGO for handing out both Brick Headz Batman and Robin figures at their New York ToyFair 2017 booth during the Press Event. Take a look at our coverage HERE.

Availability: March 1st


In celebration of the LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO is offering many great sets based on the film including collectibles such as their Brick Headz sets. The Batman set consists of 91 pieces and features Batman as he appeared in the film, with a black custom, yellow utility belt, and yellow and black logo, which also resembles the 1989 film starring Michael Keaton. Batman stands 2″ tall and features glow-in-the-dark eyes, a batarang he can hold onto (the set comes with 2 batarangs), and a display baseplate with the number 1 on it. The figure is non-articualted, and is meant only as a display piece that does not work with any of the other building sets, so he can’t fit inside the batmobile for example.


Robin is much more colorful, as he appears in his classic red, yellow, and green outfit with a “R” on the left side of his chest. Robin consists of 101 pieces and his eyes are black squares with smaller white squares painted on, with circular pieces that form the glasses as seen in the film. The hair is also nicely done with the wave on the right side. He also has no articulation and does not come with accessories other than the display baseplate with the number 1 on it. Robin is also 2″ tall, which is not exactly proportional to the film as Batman is three times his size. However, that is not the direction that LEGO was going for in their Brick Headz line.




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