New York ToyFair 2017 has proven to be a great year for toys, as many toy companies including Playmates Toy, NECA, Diamond Select Toys, Hasbro, Mattel, DC Collectibles, Super 7, and others will all be offering collector focused products. We have compiled a list of our favorite Top 10 product reveals from the show from a variety of our favorite toy companies.


Playmates Toys gets the #1 spot this year with the announcement of the return of Usagi Yojimbo, a fan favorite character dating back from the vintage line. The figure will be joining the 5″ basic line, and will also be making his much deserved return to television in the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series at some point in the near future. The character was originally created by Stan Sakai for his own comic book series and has been involved on and off with the Turtles since the 1980’s. Their will be two different versions of Usagi Yojimbo released for the basic line. One in his traditional blue attire and one in a samurai outfit. Full details about the 2017 product line can be found HERE, and make sure to check out our product walkthrough with Pat Linden HERE. In other TMNT news, Playmates Toys will be offering a second wave of the WWE/TMNT crossover figures with Leo as Finn Barlor, Raph as The Rock, Donnie as Ultimate Warrior, Mikey as Rowdy Piper. In addition to the basic line, a 1980’s inspired Rocksteady and Bebop figures will be offered, along with Monster versions of the TMNT, Samurai versions of the Turtles with horses, and much more. Full details HERE.

Not only did the Turtles get some great reveals, but also check out our Voltron and Ben 10 video walkthroughs and coverage HERE and HERE.



NECA Toys wowed us this year with their upcoming 7″ Dark Horse Comics vs DC Comics figure 2-packs. NECA will be releasing three different sets on a quarterly basis starting in July with a Batman vs Joker Alien set. Following that they will have a Armored Batman vs. Predator and Superman vs Alien set. The sets will cost arounf $50 each and will feature accessories like heat vision for Superman and alternate hands. NECA Toys have done an outstanding job lately especially on all of their 7″ DC figures released in recently years. Considering that they don’t get the opportunity to make as many as we wish they could make, it’s special when they get to make something as the quality, including the sculpting, deco and detail is always top notch.

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DC Collectibles Batman animated line will be offering a batcave playset this year. The batcave is huge, and with other sets like the Batwing and Batmobile, you’re going to need a warehouse to store all of these great toys. The Batcave includes a Bat-Computer Vignette and Alfred Pennyworth action figure, and there will be additional sets released to expand this set. Make sure to check out our video walkthrough of the DC Collectibles booth HERE.  This playset will be available in November 2017 and will cost $149.99.

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Hasbro’s Transformers Titans Return line will be great this year as it includes characters such as Trypticon, the fan-voted character in a recent poll. Trypticon was official revealed at New York ToyFair, and will be a triple changer Transformers figure that also transforms into a spaceship and city mode. While there is no official word yet if there will be a SDCC exclusive redeco on this figure, it is highly likely that there will be considering that Devastator and Fortress Maximus had exclusive versions. The retailer version of Trypticon will be $149.99, with a release date in Fall 2017.


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Hasbro’s Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6″ figures are just what Star Wars fans have been hoping would be offered. Hasbro will be offering all original 12 figures in vintage Kenner style packaging, with some of these figures featuring updated sculpts, that needed to be done. In addition to the 6″ figures, there will also be 3 3/4″ 40th Anniversary figures. Details on those can be found HERE.

Pre-Orders will be available soon on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.


Diamond Select Toys will be offering 1980’s inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates. The line-up includes the four Turtles, Splinter, April O’Neil, Shredder, Casey Jones, Rocksteady, Bebop, Krang, and Baxter Stockman. The best news is that these will be 2 packs, and not blind bags so you will have a much easier time tracking down all of the figures and be able to complete your collections. Make sure to check out our video walkthrough with Zach Oat HERE.

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After Diamond Select Toys wraps up the 1984 Ghostbusters Select line, they will be offering Ghostbusters 2 Select figures starting with Vigo. The diorama backdrop will be the Firehouse. Once Ghostbusters 2 is complete, DST did suggest they would be interested in looking into Real Ghostbusters, which would be the most awesome thing and we truly hope that happens.


Mattel will be offering a Clayface Connect & Collect figure as part of an upcoming DC line-up with Batwoman, Martian Manhunter, Two-Face, Superman, and others. Details on this wave is sketchy as Mattel only shows the figures at these shows, and forgets to product written content at times. We will update once we know more.

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Super 7’s Masters of the Universe Classics run is going to be epic this year. Starting off with Ultimate versions of He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Faker, and a mini-comic repaint of Ram-Man, Super 7 will be expanding the line as previously announced with characters that Mattel had been working on. They will even be releasing an updated Filmation style Hordak figure with the Imp chest that Mattel offered to San Diego Comic-Con attendees. In addition, they will also be offering 5.5″ vintage style figures of Hordak, She-Ra, Skeletor and He-Man that are sculpted by the Four Horsemen. This is going to be a great year for He-Man fans.

This concludes our Top 10 list with Super 7 getting the #9 and 10 slot. Thanks for reading and make sure to pre-ording using the hyperlinks used in this article.