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NECA Aliens 3 Dog Alien Action Figure Gallery

NECA provided a new gallery for their 7″ scale Alien Dog action figure that’s shipping along with Aliens Series 3 line up. This series also includes Bishop and Kane In Nostromo Spacesuit. ... Read more

NECA Predator 7″ Series 13 Figures

NECA provides some new details on their upcoming Predator Series 13 action figure line-up: The 13th series of our longest running figure collection is an homage to the classic Kenner ... Read more

NECA Enforcer Predator Figure Review

Enforcer Predator is part of NECA’s Predator Series 12 line-up along with Viper Predator and Elder Predator V2. The Enforcer Predator makes his action figure debut and is part of Dark Horse’s Predator: ... Read more

NECA Viper Predator Figure Review

  Viper Predator is part of NECA’s Predator Series 12 line-up along with Enforcer Predator and Elder Predator V2. The Viper Predator was originally going to be included with the ... Read more