Star Wars Rogue One The Black Series Baze Malbus & Chirrut Imwe 6″ Figures Review


Hasbro’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe 6″ figures are two of the best figures in their Black Series line with above average facial sculpts and character likeness. Hasbro has come a long way with their 6″ Star Wars line, and later waves have been better quality for the most part. Both Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe are two new characters introduced in Rogue One, and helped play a pivotal role in recovering the plans to the Dearth Star for the rebellion. These figures are surely two you don’t want to miss, even if you have to purchase a case assortment (links below), these are two figures that every Star Wars fan should own.

Thank you to Hasbro and their PR department for handing out a bag of goodies at the Hasbro New York ToyFair 2017 Press Event. It was just by luck that Baze Malbus was in the bag we received as everything was assorted. 

Availability: February 2017


Baze Malbus is based on the likeness of actor Jiang Wen, and features a bulky sculpt and diesel gun. His suit is geared to the diesel gun, and is a beige jumpsuit/mechanic’s utility coveralls with red armored plates, gauntlets and knee armor. The jumpsuit features realistic folds and pouches on the belt, a heavy repeater cannon (which consists of a removable ammunition canister on his back with a diesel gun connected to the tube made of soft plastic to help it move), which is removable from the tank and gun, and a “taser” device or detonator. Due to the pouches along his waistline as well as his chest, it is impossible to move his torso left, but it can move to the right. There is a nicely detailed wash over the jumpsuit and the “dirt” deco is a nice touch. Baze can hold his gun in either hand, but works best in his right hand.


Chirrut Imwe is based on the likeness of actor Donnie Yen a features a great sculpt with an excellent movie likeness. He is packed in the same wave as Baze, which is very hard to find and your best bet is a case assortment (links below) to find these figures. Chirrut Imwe features a great likeness with an accurate movie face sculpt. His blind eyes are all blue and Hasbro recreated this detail very nicely. The figure is a nice mixture of soft goods and plastic parts, with the red and black layers of soft goods over the plastic parts. The layers lay flat on the figure and look like they’re really part of his outfit. On the black fabric, there is a red band highlighted with white outer lines., which is a nicely done detail. The fabric truly is a special addition to the figure. Included is a walking stick, which splits into two parts. The other accessory is a lightbow, which also breaks into two parts. The lightbow can be help in one or two hands, and includes two handles to make this happen. The lightbow is very thin and fragile and breakage issues may occur, so keep this out of the hands of children.


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