About Us

Founded in May 2012, ToyHypeUSA was originally planned exclusively as a toy review outlet, but expanded quickly to cover pop culture toy news as we felt that our reader base would find value in expanded content. Within the first couple of years, we became one of the most recognized toy news and review outlets in the United States as well as expanding our International reader base.

From 2013 and beyond, we have been recognized as valued members of the press by New York ToyFair, New York Comic-Con and San Diego Comic-Con. We have had the privilege to attend these events as press and have worked extremely hard over the years to become recognized by not only fans, but industry professionals at some of the most recognized toy companies in the world. We have accomplished this because of our hard work, dedication and quality of our content. We have earned recognition from not only the quality of the written content, but also with our YouTube video interviews at industry trade shows.

Over the years we have continued to strive to provide the best content for our readers, gain new followers and make new industry connections. As of 2018, we have been referred to as Influencers and have been considered one of the most sought after outlets by companies to showcase and review their products.

Between the Editor, Anthony Scott, and staff, we have more than six decades of combined knowledge of toys and collectibles ranging from dozens of toy companies and even more toy lines that were released from the 1960’s to today.

For trade shows, Anthony Scott is available to contribute and sit on panels and other convention events to share his expertise. Please reach out via email at [email protected] if interested.