Playmates Toys Voltron The Legendary Defender Lion Die-Cast Figure


At New York ToyFair 2017, Playmates Toys shown off their Voltron The Legendary Defender toys planned for this year including new 5″ basic figures, combinable loins, roll play, this die cast figure, and more. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch our video interview and walkthrough with Playmates Toys Voltron brand team of these figures as there is great information that is exclusive to this video. We reposted the video below for those of you that might have missed it the first time around. In addition, make sure to watch our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes video interview and walkthrough, and Ben 10 video interview and walkthrough with the brand teams.


Pre-Orders for the Voltron Die Cast figure and others can be found on Entertainment Earth,, and

Each Voltron figure will be priced at roughly $15, including the oversized Black lion which is a great value.

Approximately 8 inches tall in combined mode.

These highly detailed die cast lions are fully articulated and made from high quality materials. All lions can be combined to make the Metal Defender transformation from the Voltron series. Shouldn’t your robots be armored in metal?