Amazon Offering Deep Discounts On Older Hasbro Star Wars Figures


Finding new Star Wars product on store shelves can be ultimately impossible for most unless you catch it at the right time and at the right store. Star Wars toy hunting has been getting much harder in recent years than it needs to be, as that particular figure you’re looking for can’t be found anywhere unless you purchase a case assortment, which is something we’ve had to do one too many times.

If you are looking to catch up on older figures from The Force Awakens, The Black Series, and Rogue One 3 3/4″ and 6″ figures, Amazon is offering a sale of up to 50% off on select figures.


Some great vehicle sales right now for Rogue One is the TIE Striker vehicle for $27.99, marked down from $49.99 (44% off). Also on sale is the Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT that is marked down to $200.61 (33% off).

There are plenty of deals just like these and more so head over to and claim your figures and vehicles now!