Bandai Power Rangers Legacy 6″ Wave 3 Figures


Bandai’s third wave of Power Rangers Legacy figures are available to pre-order on site sponsor Entertainment Earth. With the pre-order launch, fans get a look into the case assortment of these figures that will be offered. A case assortment is available to pre-order for $129.99 with a release date in May 2017.

Power Rangers Legacy 6-Inch Wave 3 Action Figure Case:

The Power Rangers are back with the Legacy Collection! These 6-inch tall Legacy figures feature multiple points of articulation and collectible Legacy packaging-based on the original Mighty Morphin’ figures released by Bandai America in 1993! Each figure includes one battle gear item. This Power Rangers Legacy 6-Inch Wave 3 Action Figure Case contains 6 individually packaged figures and includes the following:
1x MMPR Yellow Ranger
2x MMPR White Ranger
1x Space Black Ranger
1x Space Blue Ranger
1x Space Pink Ranger
Subject to change