Prime 1 Studio Berserk – Guts Statue Official Details & Images


Prime 1 Studio had shown off their upcoming Berserk – Guts Statue during Winter Wonder Festival 2017, and have updated with official details and images of this magnificent looking statue. The new guts statue features a massive display, having just slayed the Beast of Darkness. Collectors can pose the statue with the Dragonslayer sword on his shoulder, or the blade facing down, piercing the head of the beast. Guts includes interchangeable portraits, interchangeable arms and three versions of his tiny companion Puck. An exclusive version will also be available. that will add an additional portrait.

The Berserk – Guts Statue will stand at 36″ tall statue. It will not come cheap. It’s priced at $999. No release date is mentioned at this time. Read on for official details and all of the photos.

Look for pre-orders to launch this week on Sideshow Collectibles.

UPMBR-01: Guts, The Black Swordsman (Berserk)

“I’d rather fight for my life than live it.”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present UPMBR-01: Guts from Berserk (Manga). Guts also known as The Black Swordsman is the main protagonist of Berserk. He was the former raid unit leader of the mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk. This Ultimate Premium Masterline Berserk series brings to life the popular Japanese dark fantasy comics/manga and crafted with attention to details and true to the original design of the character. The base with the Beast of Darkness and his unborn child on which Guts stands features several defeated enemies among the forest environment. The Black Swordsman statue including the base stands at an impressive 36 inches tall with his Dragonslayer sword on the shoulder. This is the ultimate piece for all Berserk fans.

Statue features:
– Size approximately 36 inches tall with the sword on the shoulder [(H)90cm (W)72cm (L)50cm]
– Size approximately 29 inches tall with the sword down [(H)73.2cm (W)72cm (L)50cm]
– High-Quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect
– One (1) interchangeable right arm with the sword on the shoulder
– One (1) interchangeable right arm with the sword down
– Two (2) alternate regular portraits
– Three (3) switchable Puck, his first companions

Exclusive version:
– One (1) alternate exclusive portrait

Retail Price: $999 US

Edition Size:
Regular: 1000
Exclusive: 750