Icarus Toys Voltron Defender Of The Universe United Gokin Voltron

With the new Voltron series on Netflix, several companies, which include Playmates Toys, Bandai, and a few other companies, which includes Icarus Toys are offering fans new Voltron toys based on the new and original 1980’s show.

Icarus Toys will be offering two versions of their Voltron figure, the standard version, and a second version with a Dark Lion Force that is a limited edition.

The United Gokin Voltron figure stands just over 11 inches (28cm) tall in robot mode and is armed with sword and shield. Voltron features die-cast parts and is able to disassemble into five separate lion figures.

Both versions are priced at $299.99, and expected to ship in May 2017. You can pre-order both versions now on BigBadToyStore.