NJ Croce Justice League New 52 Batman – Bendable 8″ Figure Review


During New York ToyFair 2017, NJ Croce revealed several new upcoming bendable figures. Some of the those new reveals included Suicide Squad, Justice League 8″ figures, Batman 1989 Batmobile with bendable figure, Red Sonja, Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, and many other great products coming out this year.

NJ Croce is offering several New 52 figures in their bendable’s line, these figures are available as single cards, as well as a 7 pack that is similar to the one that DC Collectibles released. These figures are 8″ tall and have the appearance that they are articulated.

Thank you to NJ Croce for sending along their Justice League New 52 Batman – Bendable 8″ Figure for review.

Availability: March 2017


Batman stands at 8-1/2″ tall and is based on his appearance as seen in DC Comics The New 52. The sculpt is made of  a soft bendable material, like rubber, and features a very detailed curved and straight lines into the suit. The figure sculpt also includes the utility belt that is sculpted over the waist, and is painted in yellow, but the light grey bleeds through. The boots and gloves also have the lines sculpted into it giving it some great detail, and the bottom of the boots are sculpted with individual lines and tiny square, which makes them look realistic. The forearms or gloves have three spikes in the back, and as well as sculpted details and line-work. The hands sculpts are fisted, and there is extra padding at the knuckles to protect his hands. The torso features abs and a muscular build, with the bat logo sculpted over his chest and painted in black. The head sculpt is extremely well detailed, with white eyes, as well as real facial beige deco and light pink lips. The cape is attached to the upper collar, and is made of a stretchy vinyl material, which makes it soft and is a really good material. The cape can be fitted over his shoulders, or around his back, whichever you prefer.



The batsuit is painted in light grey, with dark grey boots, gloves and cowl. The sculpt at the joints are so well detailed, that it gives off the vibe that the figure is articulated. This is more noticeable at the neck, the knees where the guards are, the shoulder pads, and also the ankles.

There is a lot of great detail here that fans might not be aware of without looking at one of these in person. NJ Croce have done an incredible job capturing the likeness and offering fans something highly detailed even though it’s not an articulated figure. The great detail on the cape along is enough to make us want to purchase this figure.


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