S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Premium Color Version Perfect Cell Figure Review


Bandai’s Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Premium Color Version Perfect Cell figure is finally here and this one features a superior deco change over the first version released in 2013. This is Cell’s final form after he absorb’s both Android’s 17 and 18, and becomes the most powerful warrior in the universe, but ultimately looses to Gohan’s “hidden” power that Goku helps to unlock towards the end of the fight. The figure includes all of the same accessories as the first release, which includes interchangeable hand sculpts, three swappable face plates, and an energy blast and stand.

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Availability: March 2017


Draon Ball Z fans know the character well, and the figure’s new deco does the character justice as he was seen on the animated series. The new deco features a brighter green with some darker green colors on the skin, as well as purple deco on the top of the thighs, somache, shoulders, elbows, and knees. There is also some black deco on the shoulder pads, chest, top of the head, groin area, legs, upper back and wings. The facial deco is nicely done and he has a dark and light purple, and a yellowish green around the bottom of his head as well as the sides. The sculpt also appears to be an update over the original, as he moves better structurally, the joints are tighter, and the plastic has less of a hard plastic feel to it. Bandai have given the figure a nice update in quality, as the material used seems to be a better plastic that is less flimsy in key areas such as the torso and knees.



The Premium Format Edition of Perfect Cell includes 8 interchangeable hand sculpts that are closed fisted, with the rest being open handed, two closed mouthed face plates, one screaming face plate, and an energy blast and stand.  The energy blast and stand are repaints from the 2013 release, with the energy blast featuring light blue translucent plastic, and the base having energy attachments on the sides of the base to give off the appearance of the power Cell is using to create the blast. The base is painted in a light brown with a dark brown deco to make it look like dirt. The base and energy blast are nicely done and have a a nice new deco.

If you have been waiting to purchase Cell, this is the version that you definitely want to pick up. It has a much better paint applications, colors, better material, and for $60, it beats the 2013’s aftermarket prices of $100’s, which is too high for a figure that needs too many improvements. You won’t regret buying this figure, and while you’re picking him him, make sure to purchase Battle Damage Gohan as well.


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