Jada Toys: X-Men Metals Die Cast 4″ Figures Review


Jada Toys is offering a brand new wave of X-Men Metals Die Cast figures right now, which includes Wolverine (M138), Magneto (M140), and Jubilee (M352). This wave follow-up the all female wave released earlier with Mystique (M354), Storm (M141), and Psylocke (M355), along with other non-X-Men characters (Elektra, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Lady Deadpool). The die cast wave continues to offer fans great quality, detail, and character likeness otherwise not seen so much in the 4″ statue scale like this, and die cast proves to be extremely popular as fans are demanding quality with the products that they buy. Since Jada Toys launched these die cast figures last year, and Scott Neitlich brought some to PowerCon to giveaway (which was the first-time we saw these), we knew these would be big. The character likeness along over Pop! Vinyls is truly remarkable, as it has a much better grasp of the character design, along with paint quality.


These Metals die cast figures are based on the X-Men as seen in the 1990’s, which is one of the most fan-favorite decades of Marvel in the companies 75 years. The X-Men in the 1990’s had solid stories, character designs, an animated show (which tied into other Marvel animated cartoons), and not to mention a toy line by Toybiz that was truly deserving at the time. It was a great time to be an X-Men fan and collector, as this style of the team lives on in collectibles and most recently in Marvel’s ’92 comics, as seen in these Metals die cast figures.


If you recall, Jada Toys also previously announced that there was going to be 6″ figures of both Colossue and Wolverine in his brown costume that was going to be included with Magneto, Wolverine and Jubilee. Those figures won’t ship along with the rest of the wave at the moment as planned, but will hopefully ship out in the near future. We will update as we know more.

Thank you to Jada Toys for providing their X-Men Classics Die Cast 4″ Figures for review. 

Availability: April 2017



Magneto is sculpted in his classic red and orange uniform, with the boots, gloves, shorts, cape and collar painted in purple, and the rest including the pants, arms and shirt in red. The helmet on the figure is non-removable, and is painted in red with purple trim around the edges. Magneto’s facial details are nicely doe with eye balls and white eye laches. Wolverine is sculpted in his yellow and blue uniform, with the black stripes on his ribs, blue boots and gloves, silver claws, blue shoulder pads, red belt, and the classic yellow and black mask. The eyes are painted in white, and his arms are left sleeveless showing his bare arms.


Jubilee is truly stunning, and pays a great tribute to her appearance as seen in the comics and animated series at the time, as does both Magneto and Wolverine. Jubilee is sculpted in her yellow jacket, with pink shades, pink shirt with the X logo on the upper left side, blue shorts, gloves, and boots, a black belt with a silver belt buckle, and she is demonstrating her mutant power of pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands. The energy is painted in pink, and hands downward off of her right hand.




Mystique, Storm and Psylocke were offered in an all females wave as mentioned above. All three are beautifully sculpted, and pays great homage to the 90’s designs. Mystique is sculpted in her white outfit, with blue skin, and red hair. There are skulls around her waist, as well as one on the top of her forehead. These are nicely detailed, and the skulls are sculpted all the way around her waist. The white outfit covers his chest, and there are two pieces hanging down the front and back. The arms and boots are painted in red, and there is some minor bleeding with the blue overlapping a bit of the white. The dark blue paint is nicely done, and covers her legs, shoulders, and head sculpt. The head has red eye brows, metallic gold eye balls, and dark red lips.

Storm is sculpted in her black and metallic gold uniform, with black covering the boots, shorts, most of her chest, and cape. The gold deco is painted as the edging around the cape, bracelets on her arms, ring connecting the shorts and shirt, and gold around the red jewel necklace. Her head sculpt is mostly covered in her long white hair that has countless waves through it, as well as white eye brows, white eyes, black eye lashes, red lipstick, and there is a black decorative piece as a head band holding her hair up. The only aspect about Storm that we wish that Jada Toys offered was to create her in her 90’s white uniform, as that is a much more preferred outfit for her in our opinion. Hopefully, they will revisit the character and get to that version.


Psylocke is sculpted in her purple outfit, with a red belt that hangs down to the back of her legs. The outfit is nicely painted and covers most of her body, with the exception of her upper thighs, shoulders, biceps, and hands. Her head sculpt is nicely done, and has darker purple hair compared to the outfit, that is long and goes down her back and curves to the left behind the arm. The left arm is raised up using her mutant power of telekinesis through her fists and is in a fighting pose. Her head sculpt is nicely done, with purple eye brows, eye lashes, eye balls, and lipstick.

Overall, X-Men of the 1990’s is just as popular today as they were two decades ago, and Jada Toys have done a terrific job capturing the characters likeness. Fans of this era of Marvel won’t regret picking up these figures, and Magneto, Wolverine and Jubilee are currently in the process of shipping to stores, or you can purchase using the links below:


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