Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Series 2 Shatterstar Figure Review

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Series 2 Shatterstar Figure Review


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Hasbro’s second wave of their popular Marvel Legends series is available now and introduces Warlock to the line as a build-a-figure. This new wave includes Cyclops, Colossus, Sunfire, Dazzler, Polaris, Logan, and Shatterstar, with each figure (excluding Logan) including a piece to build Warlock.

Hasbro’s Marvel brand team is truly doing a remarkable job right now on both the 6″ and 4″ Marvel Legends series. Now only are they tackling some core X-Men characters, but they also found ways to bring in some X-Men allies such as characters from X-Force based on their appearance in the 1990’s comic books. This includes Cable and Shatterstar, and more characters could very well be on the horizon. Not only X-Force’s Shatterstar is available in this wave, but X-Factor’s Polaris (in her more modern green outfit).

Shatterstar is the biological son of former X-Men Longshot and Dazzler. However, due to a temporal paradox, he was also responsible for the creation of Longshot. It was revealed that because of Mephisto’s manipulation of Shatterstar by sending him back in time to the Mojoverse (along with Rictor), Shatterstar was discovered and experimented on by Arize who created Longshot from his DNA. As Longshot was genetically extrapolated from Shatterstar’s genes, Star was essentially Longshot’s father. This created a paradox when Longshot years later impregnated Dazzler who then gave birth to Shatterstar. Longshot and Dazzler were mindwiped to forget the pregnancy and the Shatterstar infant was sent 100 years to the future by his own adult self in order to maintain the consistency of the time line.

Availability: March 2017 limited availability; April 2017


Shatterstar is based on his appearance as seen in X-Force comics from the 1990’s as seen in Marvel Comics. Shatterstar stands at 6-3/4″ and features a great likeness to the comics. He is sculpted in a muscular body, with a newly tooled head sculpt, shoulder guard, cape, gloves, boots, belt, cuff around his right thigh that has some texture to it, and swords.


It’s been since the early 1990’s (minus the Minimates figure from Diamond Select Toys) since we’ve gotten an articulated Shatterstar figure in this costume, as Toybiz offered this in their very popular Marvel line back then. This figure here is truly a remarkable modern take on the character, and he has some great tooling and deco to go with it. His head sculpt includes light brown hair that is textured on top, a brown head band around the top of his head and both sides of his cheeks, a silver eye with a black star around it, and a long ponytail going down his back and off to the side. The shoulder guard has some great detail and deco, including a wash over the dark brown deco, and a grey cape that is short and wraps around his neck and hands down his right shoulder.

The outfit is mostly white, with some grey deco on the gloves, bots, swords, and cuff. On the legs there is black deco on both sides, but there is some overlapping between the white and black deco. There is also a black star on his chest with silver deco around it, and a brown belt around his was it that has pouches all the way around, and a silver belt buckle.


He is also nicely articulated to create some dynamic poses, including a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel boots, hinged and rocker ankles.

Included with Shatterstar is an arm for Warlock, as well as his swords. The swords are very nicely done and one has the double blades, and the other a silver. Both have spikes sticking out the front of the handle, which is a nice touch and a great likeness to it.

Overall, this is a nice looking figure, and every fan will want to own one. The only downside to the figure is that the cuff falls down too easily, much like what we’ve seen with Cyclops.


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