PowerCon 2017 Reveals Box Art For Terroar, Plasmar & Lord Gr’Asp 3-Pack

PowerCon 2017 Reveals Box Art For Terroar, Plasmar & Lord Gr’Asp 3-Pack


PowerCon 2017 will be held in Los Angeles, California this year from June 9-10. With time running out to buy tickets and place orders for the exclusive figures, they have sent along a new press release with box art for Terroar, Plasmar and Lord Gr’Asp 3-pack.

Say hello to the box art for Terroar, Plasmar, and Lord Gr’Asp, three figures based on unproduced vintage MOTU characters. The artwork is by Axel Giménez, Jeremiah Lambert, Nate Baertsch and Raunak Singh and will be featured on the back of the box along with brand new character bios!

All 3-Packs are made-to-order, and pre-orders END this Sunday, April 30th. If you miss out on pre-orders, you will have to turn to resellers.

Attendees will order directly from Power-Con. And for Non-Attendees, Power-Con has several pre-order options.

1. From Power-Con directly
2. From BigBadToyStore.
3. From two German fan outlets (which may also help fans in the European Union save on shipping).

Non-attendees who want to purchase the exclusives directly from Power-Con must also purchase a one-time-per-order Merchandise Access Pass of $25  and will be responsible for additional shipping and handling fees. Pre-orders placed through Power-Con come with a special Non-Attendee badge and a program guide for the show.

Additional information can be found in the Power-Con FAQ.
And if you’ve never been to the show, please check out this documentary video that showcases the 2016 convention!
And please also check out our walk-through videos that explain the Attendee and Non-Attendee ordering process.

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