Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool Figure Review


Hasbro’s long awaited 12″ Marvel Legends Deadpool figure is now making its way into the hands of fans. Deadpool was first shown to us at this years New York ToyFair, and we knew right away this one was going to be the most popular 12″ figure released so far. Back at ToyFair 2016, Hasbro stated that this line of 12″ figures was their offering compared to Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Figures. These figures however are jumbo sized, and only made of plastic. While Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are known to be high end collectibles that range at the $200 price point or more.

The 12″ figures are priced at $49.99, and we’re seen some of these go on clearance for $25-$30 such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America at Wal-Mart Stores and This is definitely not encouraging, and we can also say that same thing about some of the 6″ figures, how some of those prices drop by half months after their initial release (take a look at HasbroToyShop’s eBay Store and Amazon). However, this isn’t the case on every figure, and the 12″ Deadpool figure seems to be selling out at most stores at the $49.99 price point. This is encouraging, and if Hasbro can choose the right characters in their 12″ line, it could have some life and longevity in it.

Availability: April 2017


Deadpool stands at 11-1/2″ tall and features an animated looking figure sculpt and deco. Over the years there have been many different takes on Deadpool by many different artists, and while the costume stays black and red most of the time, it is different in the design. This particular figure includes a skinny body with an oversized head sculpt, while keeping it in an animated look. The figure does have some great accessories and the articulation really brings out some dynamic poses much like the 6″ Marvel Legends figures. We’ll break down everything below, but to sum this up this is definitely worth picking up even at full price.



Deadpool is sculpted in a black and red outfit that is different compared to the 6″ figure released, and includes a chest harness with belt buckles strapped around his chest and back. Attached to the the harness is a removable knife and sheath on front, and a sheath for his two swords on back. Attached to the chest harness is a belt that wraps around his waist. The belt includes a Deadpool logo belt buckle with the black and red deco, and white eyes. The belt includes a sheath for a non-removable pistol, two pouches next to it, three pouches on the other side, and a removable knife and sheath on back. The chest harness is nicely painted and looks realistic, with brown deco and a black wash over it, silver buckles and black lines on the sides and several different textures. The sheaths for the knives stand out on the figure as they are painted in green, as does the handle of the knife. The pistol on the belt or on the right thigh inside the sheath isn’t removable as we mentioned, and there is gold deco there and black on the handles. It’s a shame you can’t use these accessories, as this is supposed to be Hasbro’s take on a high-end figure, you would think they would have offered their fans and collectors all of the accessories shown on the figure, and non tease with non-removable accessories.




Aside from the details to the sculpt, one of the biggest selling points on the figure are the three interchangeable head sculpts. All three of the heads fit onto the body, and only one looks so far off it makes you think what the Marvel brand team was thinking. We’re referring to that awesome looking Headpool head sculpt. Yes, a Marvel Zombies character is an added accessory and he is amazing. We’re such big fans of Marvel Zombies that this was actually the top selling point here for us. Without it, we might had passed on Deadpool as we primarily focus on 6″ and 4″ Marvel Legends figures. Deadpool also comes with his standard masked head, and battle damaged head sculpt with a torn mask showing his burned face. Both of these heads fit on pretty well, except that they look a bit too big for the body. What doesn’t work here is the Headpool head sitting on the neck, and makes the neck too tall, and the hinge joint on the mouth not work properly as it touches the neck when trying to lower the jaw and use that articulation. On top of Headpool’s head is the propellers that are nicely detailed and painted. Headpool has a great likeness to the comic, with a zombified head with skeletal structors showing. In other words, he’s decomposing, and if you’ve read the Marvel Zombies comics, you will know that the head doesn’t actually get an appetite for flesh unless he’s put back on his own body, or maybe even this Deadpool’s body.



In additional to six interchangeable hand sculpts (closed fisted, open handed for burrito, thumbs up, and open handed for the swords and guns), he includes his two swords that can be held in both hands or placed on the sheaths on his back, two different guns, two knives, and a stand for Headpool to make it look as if he’s flying with the propellers.

The articulation is what you would expect from the standpoint of a 6″ figure, and Hasbro has done a good job incorporated the articulation to the 12″ line. This includes a ball jointed neck, ball jointed and swivel shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed chest, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, and swivel-hinged ankles. The jaw on Headpool is articulated, and the propellers can also spin.

Overall, this is a great figure with a very nicely detailed likeness, great accessories, and articulation.


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