Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Knockout Ninja Leo Figure Review


Knockout Ninja Leo is a new variant of Leonardo in this years Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line by Playmates Toys. While most of what is going to be offered this year are repaints of existing characters, there are also some new characters and variants that are available. As we previously stated, Playmates Toys is focused now on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series airing on Nickelodeon next year, with new product found on shelves likely before the new show airs.

Availability: April 2017



Knockout Ninja Leo is part of this years basic figure line-up, and this figure stands at 4-1/2″ tall and has a punch feature in his right arm. The figures sculpt is similar to Ninja Strike Leonardo (shown below), as both figures have action gimmicks that allows the arm to move when a button is pressed on back. For Ninja Strike Leonardo, he has two buttons on his back, and depending on which one you press, that sides arm will move. Knockout Ninja Leo is different however, as only his right wrist will extend almost 1/2″ to punch an opponent. This gimmick is activated by pressing the sheath on back inward, and release to move the fist back in. The extended wrist cannot stay this way by itself, and once you let go, the wrist will go back to its original position.


While both of these figures look similar in appearance, every part about the figure uses different sculpting, including the head, chest harness, belt, arms, legs, as well as even the two katanas. Knockout Ninja Leo is painted with a blue harness and belt, blue pants, light brown elbow and knee pads, white bandages around his ankles, red boxing gloves with his fingers showing through, a black sheath for his swords, and a blue mask around his head.



Aside from the new feature in the wrist, what really makes the figure stand out in the basic line, is the tie hinge on the right foot. Never have a basic figure had this necessary articulation in the lines five year run, which is great to see at least one figure have this. The 6″ Turtles figures that Playmates Toys offered has this, but it’s long overdue for a 5″ basic figure to include this. The only downside here is that it has to be given to a figure meant for younger children (yes, these are all kids toys, but the figures with the action gimmicks are really meant for the young one’s). We can think of about a half a dozen Leonardo figures released over the years in this scale that we would have loved to include this toe hinge. Hopefully, next years line will include a bit more articulation to the show-accurate figures.

Leonardo’s articulation is limited, as the right arm can swivel, extend and the wrist can rotate, but does not have elbow articulation or a a hinge joint at the shoulder. The neck is ball jointed, and the left arm has a swivel-hinge joint at the shoulder, swivel-hinge joint at the elbow, and a swivel wrist. Both legs have a swivel-hinge hip joint, knee joint, and the right foot has the toe hinge.

Overall, this is a nice looking figure (for the kids), and we like like the new toe hinge, which is necessary for every Turtles figure. The action gimmick is useful, and the punching action is a nice addition to the line while giving it something new that hasn’t been offered just yet. Kids will like the figure, but adults may want to pass. Look for him in stores now.


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