Fresh Monkey Fiction Amazing Heroes Wave 2 Kickstarter To Be Re-Launched This Summer


The current Amazing Heroes Wave 2 Kickstarter campaign doesn’t look like it’s going through with funding, as they are just over $15,000 of the $60,000 needed to begin production. This is most unfortunate, but Bill Murphy and the team at Fresh Monkey Fiction are determined to make this work. Beginning this Summer, they will be offering fully articulated, modern style 4″ action figures, as opposed to the classic style figures from Wave 1 following the feedback that they have received by fans. In addition to more articulation, there will be added accessories, as well as villain characters. A full update to their plans are below:

Hey everyone

Thanks for leaving some great feedback on the last few updates. It was super informative. This is why I love Kickstarter, it’s really about us all coming together to create something great. With that said I have decided to cancel this campaign, with 13 days left and over 45K to go I just don’t think it’s going to make it. For those of you who have been following Amazing Heroes for awhile this is the 2nd campaign we have tried for Amazing Heroes Wave 2…the one last summer had more Golden Age characters, but did not seem to get the traction it needed. I don’t want to waste your time and resources on a campaign that is not going to fund. I’d rather devote the time and energy toward something that I think a larger group can help support.

Toward that end, we’ll be relaunching Amazing Heroes later this summer in a new 4” modern format with more articulation.

We’ll have to raise more funding for this new format, but the price point per figure will remain about the same. This new format will allow us to expand the line much easier and offer a wider selection of characters (including villains) and more accessories. We’ll be revisiting our Golden Age characters as well as adding more licensed comic book properties to the mix. Plus this format will “play” well with our ever expanding line of Eagle Force figures.

So I’m sure many of you are asking what happens to the Retroverse line? We are currently moving our tooling to the new factory that we are using for Eagle Force. Our plan is to revisit the Retroverse figures and release them in much smaller quantities and in a limited capacity, plus we’ll be working with a few designer toy artists to help bring some of their unique characters to life in the Retroverse format. We’ll have more to reveal on that front toward the end of summer.

Thanks again for your support everyone. Don’t look at this as failure, I sure don’t. This is what Kickstarter is about and why I choose to use it for my products. It’s a great barometer for testing out ideas and engaging the fan base to create cool stuff. I look at it as the next step to building a great toy line.

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I leave you with this image by amazing Miguel Angel Ruiz…the plan was to release this as a mini-poster and include it with each full set of Amazing Heroes. Maybe we’ll see it come to life in our next iteration.

Thanks everyone!