Mattel Offers Masters Of The Universe Classics Figures For 40% Off On Wal-Mart

Mattel are offering many older stock of their Masters of the Universe Classics line on for 40% off. While their prices at the Mattel Shop and eBay store are more at the moment, you can score some incredible deals right now if you are missing any earlier figures from 2015 and some even earlier than that. This inventory is sold and shipped directly from Mattel, and you won’t have to deal with Wal-Mart directly, you only pay Mattel through Wal-Mart.

With Mattel focused on other priorities at the moment, they are looking to completely sell out of all of their Mattycollector stock, and have started discounted some of the older products first, such as we’re reported with listings from the Mattel Shop and eBay store. The listings are the latest trend of product discounts being offered right now, which we believe will expand into the 2016 product line later this year.

Some of the larger products being offered are shown below, but you can also grab some great deals on figures including Sssqueeze, Eldor, Gwildor, Great Unrest Weapons Pak, End of Wars Weapons Pak, He-Man & Skeletor Exclusive Mini Figure 2-Pack, He-Ro II, Prahvus, Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor, and much more that are too many to list, and all discounted at 40% off.

Point Dread & Talon Fighter – $75.00


Battle Ram & Man-At-Arms $66.00


Multi-Bot – $27.00