Spero Toys: Animal Warriors Of The Kingdom Kickstarter Update & New Deluxe Figures

The Animal Warriors Of The Kingdom Kickstarter by Spero Toys continues to grow and they’ve reached 60% of their goal in just a few weeks. In the last week, they have unveiled some new deluxe figures that will be unlocked should they reach $185,000 of funding.

General Thaneder “Thane” Ruhdarous: Gorilla – 5″ Deluxe


The “Thane” Ruhdarous: Gorilla is the first 5″ deluxe figure shown, and stands approximately 1″ taller than the 4″ basic figures. Thane serves as a reminder not to mess with the young ape king. Included are his trademark Battle Hammer, a shoulder guard, and armored plate belt.

Look for more character reveals and other details on Deluxe Figures later in the campaign.

4″ Animal Warriors of the Kingdom: Toxious – Skunk, Grimley – Wolf, Scraps – Racoon


4″ Animal Warriors of the Kingdom: PALE – Albino Chimpanzee, CAPTAIN BRUTUS & THE HORRID KNIGHTS – Mandrill, CHUNARIAN SOLDIERS – Chimpanzee

4″ Animal Warriors of the Kingdom: BARON KAH LEE – Chimpanzee, ATREIU – Lion, THE HORRID ASSASSINS – Chimpanzee

More information about these figures are coming, and you can still help out and and fund this project by June 20th at 9 PM EDT at Kickstarter.