Hasbro Transformers Titans Return Sergeant Kup & Flintlock Figure Review


Kup, or sometimes referred to as Sergeant Kup, is an older Autobot warrior and a member of the elite guard. Sergeant Kup is inspired from the 1986 toy from Hasbro, and includes a Titan Master Flintlock figure, and becomes the head for Kup.

Kup made his first appearance in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie, and also appeared in the third season of the Generation One cartoon. This version seen in the Titans Return line introduces a new version of the character, Sergeant Kup (due to trademark purposes). Flintlock is a call back to the Targetmaster toy, and this case he becomes the head rather than his weapon. This figure represents the Headmaster gimmick that was introduced in the vintage Transformers line of the late 1980’s, and now in Titans Return fans have the chance to own this gimmick once again, called Titan Masters.

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Availability: May 2017


Kup is inspired by the 1987 Transformers: The Movie Targetmaster toy. Unlike the vintage toy, this new updated version includes a Headmaster gimmick that allows the head to become a mini robot as opposed to the gun. The figure is heavily inspired on the vintage toy, such as the head and helmet design The chest is also the cabin section in vehicle mode, and the waist has a belt-like design with a yellow belt buckle. The arms are squared, with bands that wrap around the forearms that are inspired by G1 Kup, and the triangular designs on the legs are inspired by the original stickers.

The figure is painted mostly in teal, as opposed to his iconic green color that fans are more used too. In addition, he has grey, light blue, black and clear plastic. There is also yellow deco on the hip, and knees. There is also an Autobot symbol on the chest.




The vehicle mode, he has a boxy front section that hangs downward, and the clear plastic can open up to place Titan Master Flintlock inside the drivers seat. The back of the truck is a flat bed, and has an alternative option to place the two blasters on the back. They can also be stored on the front, Flintlock can also be placed on tiny pegs behind one of the blasters on the back of the truck, or in the middle of them. These pegs are angled on either side, and he can stand straight at the center. On the sides of the vehicle are something that looks like storage compartments complete with sculpted doors.

In this mode, he is mostly light blue in the back, and plastic black tires. The light blue covers the front half of the vehicle, with the Autobot symbol on the top part of the hood that slops downward.

Overall, this is the best Kup figure that Hasbro has ever produced. There have been plenty of Kup’s and Sergeant Kup’s toys over the years, but this one is a true G1-inspired figure in both modes, and both adults and kids will love this figure.