Hasbro Transformers Titans Return Decepticon Quake & Chasm Figure Review


Decepticon Quake was part of 1988 line of Headmasters and Targetmasters by Hasbro. Fans of the original line will recall that Quake transformed into a tank and came with two Targetmaster partners, and also could combine into one large weapon or act as separate weapons.

Quake made his first appearance into the toy line in 1988 Targetmasters line. This figure pays homage to the vintage toy, and has a lot of inspirations such as deco and tooling. Chasm is a brand new character, as opposed to the vintage partners Tiptop and Heater. This figure represents the Headmaster gimmick that was introduced in the vintage Transformers line of the late 1980’s, and now in Titans Return fans have the chance to own this gimmick once again, called Titan Masters.

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Availability: May 2017


Quake is inspired by the 1988 Transformers Targetmaster toy and is updated in today’s style, such as the head and helmet design, as well as the deco. Unlike the vintage toy, this new updated version includes a Headmaster gimmick that allows the head to become a mini robot as opposed to the gun. In the vintage toy line, both Hardhead and Quake had completely different transformations. Hardhead’s cannon wound up on his shoulder whereas Quake’s turret became his arms. With the two vintage figures being different, the updated Hardhead and Quake share the same sculpt, and Hasbro’s designers had to come up with a way to make the toy look like the character with deco.

For the most part, they’ve done an excellent job on both characters. With a few exceptions on Quake (such as the vintage toy had blue deco on the chest, and the new one having purple), this one is pretty close. Quake is cast in grey, maroon, black and translucent blue plastic, and he has a transparent blue as the cockpit’s glass. The arms are mostly in grey, and the legs are maroon, as inspired by the vintage toy. As this is a different sculpt and not exactly accurate to the G1 toy, Hasbro’s designers aded some paint to make it as accurate as possible. The head sculpt, for example, is heavily inspired by the G1 figure and is painted in yellow with red eyes. The chest is painted dark blue in the front, and this matches up with the same area on G1 Quake. As we stated, the upper part of the legs are cast in maroon, but the lower part is cast in grey, which calls back to G1 Quake. The chest also has  tampographs on the shoulders that are inspired by the original stickers. These feature lighting bolts in yellow with purple Decepticon symbols placed on top. Included are the same weapons as Hardhead, which include a shoulder cannon and a rifle he can hold in his hand.



The vehicle mode is very different than his G1 counterpart as the sculpts are completely sculpted different as well as the transformations for each. To make this sculpt actually look like Quake, the designers took a lot of the same colors and incorporated them into this sculpt. The trends remain grey, which includes a combination of paint and plastic colors. The rest of the tank, or the body, is mostly maroon, with some blue, silver, and grey details from front to back, which helps break it up from one solid color. The cockpit color is translucent blue, which is bright and stands out from the dark colors. The large cannon attaches to the right of the cockpit, and is colored in black. The robot arms are on the front sides, which you can see the lightning tampographs on top, which pays homage to the lightning stickers on G1 Quake.

Chasm can be placed inside the cockpit, or inside the seat of the cannon. There are also pegs (two on the front, and two on the back) that he can stand on. The rifle can also be placed inside the peg on top of the cannon for storage/additional weaponry in this mode. The cannon cockpit’s can hold an additional Titan Master standing behind the one that is sitting, and with the other cockpit and pegs, you can have seven Titan Masters on Quake in this mode.

Overall, Quake is an excellent Titans Return figure, with some great homages to G1 Quake. Every bit of detail, including the sculpting, deco and design is very nicely done.