Mattel Shop Lists Masters Of The Universe Classics Horde Trooper In-Stock & More


Calling all Horde Trooper army builders! Mattel Shop listed the exclusive Masters Of The Universe Classics Horde Trooper figure in-stock. This is the best army builder character ever offered in this line and you can finally grab up to 10 to fulfill your collection..

Other products that are currently listed as in stock is the Roton with Skelcon (back ordered until July 28th), Night Stalker, SDCC 2016 Exclusives, Tuskador, Filmation Clawful (backordered until July 28th, and much more.

Click RIGHT HERE and start shopping and make sure to army build those Horde Troopers!

In addition, there are also some ThunderCats Classics figures in-stock including Pumyra, Jackalman, WilyKit & WilyKat. Lion-O and Panthro are sold out.