Hasbro Transformers Titans Return Decepticon Krok & Gatorface Figure Review


Decepticon Knok was part of 1990 line of Action Masters by Hasbro. Fans of the original line will recall that Knok did not transform and was in scale with G.I. Joe action figures at the time. In the vintage line, came with an alligator partner Gatoraider, who is now renamed Gatorface. What was kept was a similar color scheme brought over to this modern figure, which the character has not seen a mass retail release since 1990.

The Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.o did offer Knok that used a redeco and retool of Generations Thrilling 30 Megatron mold with a new head sculpt. This choice was a good use for the character, and had a good vehicle mode, which the vintage figure did not have. The Titans Return figure offers something different for the character, and retains the beast mode for Knok’s companion Gatoraider, aka Gatorface. This time around, Knok is the alligator, and Gatorface tranforms into a (mini) robot.

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Availability: May 2017


Knok is inspired by the 1990 Action Masters toy and pays homage to this vintage figure. The figure is a repaint of the Skullcruncher mold, and includes an better hip joints, with the knees being able to better lock into place. Knok retains his original color scheme, which includes black, purple, yellowish-green, and silver and red deco on the chest. The Decepticon logo is purple with silver deco around the edges, and there some pink deco above it, which represents the windows from the vintage figures robot mode. The Decepticon logo is also on the back of Knok is beast mode, right at the center of the hood where Gatorface is seated.


Knok’s retains the same accessories that Skullcrunsher had, which includes the tail, and a small blaster. The head is the Titan Master, which is also Gatorface.


The alligator mode measures almost 10″ long, and retains the black, purple, and yellowish-green colors that the robot mode uses. What isn’t carried over in this mode is the chest part of the torso and that deco. Instead, he has some red deco on the sides, and the silver and purple Decepticon logo. This mode includes less articulation, which has a pivoting jaw, pivoting hood for the cockpit, swivel front legs (in 2 places), and swivel front paws. The front legs lock into place with the top of the chest piece if transformed correctly, and he also has ball jointed back legs and a swivel tail. Gatorface fits nicely inside the cockpit, and he needs to be in a seated position to fit as stated in the instructions.


Gatorface is the Titan Master, which can transform into the head for Knok’s robot mode, or in a tiny robot. On Knok, there are two pegs on the front paws for Gatorface to stand on. The small blaster also becomes the end of the tail in beast mode.

Overall, Knok is an excellent Titans Return figure, with some great homages to G1 Knok. Every bit of detail, including the sculpting, deco and design is very nicely done.