Jada Toys Announces New Nano Metalfigs Line Of Collectible Figures


Jada Toys sent along an official press release announcing their new Nano Metalfigs collection that was originally shown off to press at New York ToyFair 2017.

Pre-Orders are available on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore. Look for these to begin shipping around August 2017.

These Nano Metalfigs will launch with three top licenses for collectibles; DC, Harry Potter, and Marvel.  The figures will be sold in single and 5-packs starting in July with 10 and 20 packs coming soon thereafter.  The attached images are examples of our DC products so you can see that these 1.65” scale 100% die cast figures are like nothing else in the market today.  What you can’t see in the pictures though is their weight.  At around 30g each they weigh about the same as 5 quarters and have that distinctive die-cast feel and sound.  Add all these details to a suggested retail price of about $0.99 for single packs and $4.99 for five-packs and it’s easy to see how these Nano figures could become the “next big thing” for collectors of all ages.

The first waves for each brand will have over 20 figures to collect and multiple waves are planned for year one.  Given that breadth of the line, we’re also making Nano Scenes, which are diorama sets created to imaginatively display figure collections in authentic ways.  These will retail for around $29.99 and will come with two exclusive figures and features.  For example, the Bat Cave comes with exclusive Batman and Robin figures (additional figures shown in image), a Batman symbol on the floor that lights up (shown in packaging picture), and opening garage door and sticker pack.  More brands will have their own Nano Scene’s and we’ll be making a non-branded display case that can be placed on the wall or table with LED lights to illuminate the 25 figures it can hold.