Playmates Toys: Ben 10 Diamondback, Heatblast, Hex & Omnitrix Review


Playmates Toys announced back at New York Toy Fair 2017 a new line of Ben 10 action figures, play sets, vehicles and roll play toys that are based on the new animated series. As of right now, you can only purchase these at Toys “R” Us, with a more widespread availability later on. The figure assortment includes 5″ and Power-Up deluxe action figures, and we’re taking a look at three of the 5″ figures, along with the Omnitrix watch in this review.

Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their Ben 10 Diamondback, Heatblast, Hex and Omnitrix watch for review.

Availability: June 2017



Heatblast and Diamondback are two Aliens that Ben can transform into by using the Omnitrix watch. Each Alien that he transforms into has their own unique abilities, which is a concept similar to mutant powers. Heatblast has the ability to generate intense heat and figure and uses flaming punches. The figure is cast in transparent yellow plastic to indicate fire, with some orange deco over it, and red deco sculpted over it with some texture. The face is painted with red deco that matches the body. Sculpted on his chest is the black and white symbol as seen on the all of the Aliens that Ben can transform into. His articulation is good considering his size, which includes a swivel head, hinged-swivel shoulders, hinged-swivel elbows, hinged-swivel wrists, hinged-swivel hips, and hinged-swivel knees. The accessories are two flame attachments, with a longer one that clips onto his wrist and inserts through a hole in his left hand, and the smaller flame attachment fits over his right hand.

Diamondback is cast in blue translucent plastic, and has the appearance of of a diamond-like skin tone, or ice depending on how you look at it. This plastic is seen on his arms, head, and the two diamonds sticking up through his back. The torso and legs are cast in black plastic, with yellow deco on the chest, and the symbol that indicates he’s one of the Aliens that Ben can transform into. The head sculpt includes eyes and a mouth, with black deco around the yellow eyes, and white deco indicating teeth. The articulation includes a ball jointed head, hinged-swivel shoulders, hinged-swivel elbows, hinged-swivel wrists, hinged-swivel hips, and hinged-swivel knees. Included is an attachment that his diamond skin can form, and this one looks to be a giant fist. The attachment can fit over his right or left hand, as both are sculpted the same.



Hex is one of the villains offered in the 5″ basic line, and definitely has the look of a sorcerer. The figure’s skin tone is light grey, and the hood and cape is black with red trim. The black cape has sculpted texture that is nicely detailed, and the center on the back is stitched closed right up to the top of the hood. The facial paint is nicely detailed, which is painted in white with black detailed back on the mouth, cheeks, eyes and forehead. The torso is sculpted with a purple thick necklace around his chest, with a gold coin with a detailed design, and an upside down moon underneath it. The shoulders have detailed black deco showing a pattern, with black gauntlets around the forearms. The pants are cast in black plastic, and have torn detailed just above the calves. The boots are also painted in black, and cover the ankles and about half of the feet.  The articulation includes a swivel head, hinged-swivel shoulders, hinged-swivel elbows, hinged-swivel wrists, swivel waist, hinged-swivel hips, and hinged-swivel knees. Included is a staff that has a likeness of a bird with a long beak, through the eyes is a ring that can swivel around.


The Omnitrix is how Ben 10 can transform into one of several different Aliens to combat villains. This watch is a roll play item, and features lights and sounds. The lights show which Alien is being chosen for him to transform into, and the sounds take place with the top part is placed downward and speaks quotes from several of the characters, as well as sound effects. Just like a real watch, the strap can fit around your wrist, and is adjustable for pretty much any size.

Overall, the 5″ basic figures are excellent, and really has a great likeness from the show. The Omnitrix watch is great for kids that are fans of the show, and fits in well with the action figure line-up.



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