Hasbro Transformers Titans Return Preceptor & Convex Figure Review


Autobot Preceptor was originally part of the 1985/1986 Generation One toy line as well as Guido Guidi’s design, and Hasbro brought back the vintage toy’s appearance in this modern update of him. While the vintage toy line did not have a Targetmaster or Headmaster Preceptor, the Titans Return version comes with a Titan Master Convex figure. Just like the vintage toy, Preceptor transforms into a microscope, and is capable of transforming into one of three modes with this new figure, making him a triple changer just like the Generation One toy. This includes the robot mode, microscope, and the tank mode.

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Availability: May 2017


Preceptor is very close to his Generation One appearance, and is capable of transforming into one of three modes, the robot mode, microscope, and the tank mode. The mobile-laboratory/tank mode is not specified in the instructions, or packaging, but was shown on the stock renders of the toy and makes a great third option for display with its own dedicated tooling. The sculpt and deco are inspired from Generation One, and there is a lot of great detail bringing many aspects of this classic look to new life. For starters, the microscope actually works, which is an incredible feature especially at this price point. The scope can be stored in one of several different ways in robot mode, on his shoulder sticking out the back, on the back itself in one of two spots, on the forearm, and is also on a moveable attachment so that it can be moved away from the body, and can also slide over.

Storing the scope on the back could lead to the figure falling over as it makes him a bit back heavy, but there are two heel pieces the fold downward so that is a quick fix. the scope fits on 5mm ports, and the cylinder piece on his back and shoulder can swivel up or down, and is used to connect the scope to this part of the body. The scope cannot be stored in his hand because the handle is too big on the scope, but can be stored on the port of the forearms. In this mode, this becomes a fusion cannon, which is a great accessory for a Transformer. The neck articulation while the scope is on the shoulder is somewhat limited, as the head cannot rotate too far to the right or left, but this is to be expected.

Some of the paint applications to the figure are amazing, especially on the lower legs where the vintage Generation One stickers would be placed on the vintage figure. This also includes the Autobot symbol on his chest, not to mention the Generation One red, blue, silver, and black deco. The articulation is also quite impressive, as the legs are capable of bending at almost a 90 degree angle, and can also swivel around in two places. The shoulders are ball jointed, and the elbows can swivel and are hinged. The toes can point downward, which isn’t useful in this mode.

Convex is the Titan Master, and becomes the head for Preceptor. In robot mode, he is painted in black, and the lower legs are painted in red. Some additional paint apps to the head would have been nice, such as dotting the eyes just to tell he’s a miniature robot. The face for Preceptor however is painted, with a silver faceplate and yellow eyes. This is protected by a black helmet.


The microscope mode looks just like it did from the 1980’s toy, and features a real working microscope. In this mode, Convex can be displayed on the specimen tray, and examined through the microscope. This is the first time that a Titan Master doesn’t have a spot to sit on with his counterpart, but can be placed on one of two legs on the legs. Convex doesn’t exactly fit on the tray, and the grooves don’t line up to his body. The scope can swivel up or down, and there is also no option to adjust it, making it blurry.


The third mode is the tank, and this is a much better defense mode. The scope becomes a fusion cannon, and the Titan Master can be seated or stand between the clear plastic chest piece from the robot mode, and the silver piece. Getting him to be seated is very difficult to impossible, so it’s best to stand him up. This is definitely a great mode, and it’s unfortunate that Hasbro did not take the time to add it to the instruction sheet so make people aware of it. But at least our readers looking at this review, will know and be informed.

Included with Preceptor is a cannon that can be stored in his hand or back in robot mode, it can be attached to the scope in robot or  microscope mode, or can take the place of the scope in the tank mode. It can also be placed underneath him in tank mode. There is also the option of using the port from the arms to store it in any of the three modes, but in some cases it doesn’t look right. This isn’t a lot of options, but it is a nice accessory, which also includes a seat for a Titan Master.

Overall, Preceptor makes a great figure and a great homepage to the Generation One toy. The only downside here is that Convex doesn’t have such a great place to stand or be displayed other than being the head for Preceptor.