ZICA Toys Sectaurs: Warriors Of Symbion 4″ Skulk Figure


The third figure of ZICA Toys Sectaurs: Warriors Of Symbion 4″ figure line have been announced with their upcoming Skulk figure. They have previously announced Dragon and Spidrax (shown below), and are in the process of showcasing more of these great characters.

The toyline is a modern take on the brand, and will be offered in an upcoming Kickstarter.

There will be a total of 10 characters planned for the first assortment and one will be revealed each month leading up to the Kickstarter launch. Wave one includes the 8 main characters from the original Coleco toy line plus 2 army builders.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on this upcoming campaign.

From Wikipedia of the 1985 line:

Sectaurs was created by Tim Clarke and Maureen Trotto and Licensed by Seven towns.

The premise was that “somewhere in space, somewhere in time,” exists a planet called Symbion, where a genetic experiment fails. Frightening changes take place that cannot be stopped. The result? A world where insects and arachnids grow to frightening proportions. A world where the inhabitants have taken on the awesome characteristics of insects and arachnids. Prince Dargon, ruler of the peaceful Shining Realm of Prosperon, and his allies are in conflict with the forces of Empress Devora, ruler of the Dark Domain of Synax, and her henchmen, for possession of the Hyves, fortresses of an ancient civilization holding the key to ultimate power. Each character was “tele-bonded” with intelligent, non-anthropomorphic insect creatures called Insectoids that had a special ability, and shared each other’s “pleasure and pain.”