Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Shell Raphael & Michelangelo Figures Review


Playmates Toys are offering additional repaints this year of many older Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures from the very first wave of the back from 2012, as well as somewhat newer molds in recent years. The two repainted figures that we are showcasing in this review are Battle Shell Raphael and Battle Shell Michelangelo. This mold is a more show-accurate figure, with the new deco being something that Playmates Toys made up just to keep product fresh as they are working on the 2018 product that is based on the new upcoming series. In the course of the coming months, we’re going to be showing you the new figures along with the counterparts from years past.

Availability: May 2017

Battle Shell Raphael and Michelangelo are repaints of the previously offered animated inspired figure and is much more defined. The new repaint isn’t show-accurate, but it makes the figures stand out a lot better especially the new red and orange bandages on their feet and wrists. What is also new is the black strap around the chest and belt that its attached too, as well as the black knee pads, elbow pads and sheaths for the sais and nunchucks. This is repainted from the previous figure having a brown pads and belt/strap. If you are familiar with the sculpt, you will remember that the shell opens and reveals hidden weapons inside.

The figures weapons are also repainted, which are red for Raph, and orange for Mikey. These weapons includes two versions of the sais, and two throwing stars for Raph, and two nunchucks, a dagger, and two throwing stars for Mikey.

Overall, these are nice looking repaints and we look forward to what Playmates Toys has in store this year for fans. These new repainted figures look great, but we are most excited about what is to come.


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